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Jun 28 , 2022

With over 7,000 islands, labyrinth-like archipelagos, White Beach with palms in rows, beautiful coral reefs and many other distinctive features, the Philippines has become a new tourist destination in Southeast Asia today. A number of islands have attracted water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Rich and diverse marine life and a good marine ecology have made many places of the Philippines the best diving places to observe marine life. In addition to marine resources, the buildings featuring the Philippine and European styles constructed by Spanish colonists and numerous volcanoes of different shapes are also worth visiting.

Walking into the Philippines, you will appreciate the extraordinary beauty and unique culture of this island country in Asia. For example, you can take a jeepney to rampantly tour around cities in the Philippines, swim in Donsol and Oslob with whale sharks, and dive in El Nido and Coron Island to appreciate the stunning marine karst landform. You can also go kitesurfing in the Cuyo Islands or Siargao, explore the breathtaking beauty of the Ifugao Rice Terraces and the mysterious hanging coffin tribes on foot in the northern mountains of Luzon Islands, watch sardine run in Moalboal, taste seafood and durian in Davao, learn the scuba dive around Cebu, or just wander about the poetic White Beach of the Philippines while thinking infinitely… You can enjoy the gorgeousness of the Philippines wherever you go.


The Fascinating White Beach

The White Beach is the largest beach in the world and also one of the top ten beaches worldwide, dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Asia. You must sense the uniqueness of this place by yourself. The sand here is just like the powdered sugar. You will feel it cool even if you step on the sand at noon. The sand is getting finer while you walk toward the Willy's Rock, and at last, it will really look as fine as flour. Imagine that you step on the sand every day with the sea breeze accompanying you. What a desirable life!

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful sunset, you might as well go to the White Beach at dusk. It will be unforgettable to observe the sun sinking slowly down the horizon, and the wonderful color change in the sky. You can even rent an unpowered sailboat and just float on the sea to enjoy the unpredictable clouds during sunset quietly.

There are rich water activities on the White Beach, including snorkeling, deep diving, banana boats, sailboards, parasailing, and glass-bottom boats. Well, don't forget to bargain with the local people to clinch a deal at a reasonable price.


The Philippines' "Gulangyu Islet"

Intramuros is a castle built by the Spaniards when they first ruled the Philippines. It's also the oldest urban area in Manila. Unlike other areas in Manila, Intramuros is endowed with a bit of cultural ambience, somewhat similar to the Gulangyu Islet in Xiamen, China. The European-style buildings and the spider-web-like wires up in the sky form a distinctive view of Intramuros in Manila. When you are wandering through Intramuros, you may feel like walking through an ancient town in Spain.

You can also take a tour by special carriage and listen to a groom who will tell you the story of setbacks and hardships. It's like traveling back in that very period. The ancient carriages carry visitors through the streets, gates, harbors, and fortresses, and enable you to admire Manila Cathedral, the largest church in Manila, St. Agustin Church and Museum, Casa Manila Museum, Fort Santiago, and Rizal Museum, where your heart will be baptized by the history.


Bacolod, the City of Smiles

To be friendly, enthusiastic and facing life with smiles are the most wonderful features of Bacolod, the City of Smiles and also the fifth largest city in the Philippines. With clean and fresh air and a high degree of greening, Bacolod is ranked as one of the most livable cities in the Philippines.

It attracts numerous tourists for its beautiful tropical beaches, hospitable local residents, delicious food and historical attractions. There is beautiful natural scenery in Bacolod, the most refreshing spot of which is the pure beach without a trace of impurities. The city is enveloped by the sea. Because of such a special topography, cross-island transportation has become an important feature in local transportation.

Take the cross-island transportation from Bacolod South Station to Cebu North Station as an example. For a one-way trip, this route takes 6 hours, which is relatively long. Although the islands are adjacent, there are no trains connecting them, and the airfare is too expensive for the local people in view of their financial capability. Therefore, people mainly rely on passenger transportation with buses at present.

King Long buses play an important role in this route. With comfortable ergonomic seats, on-board air conditioners, as well as TVs and toilets, it provides passengers with more human-based long-distance transportation services, becoming the priority choice for local passengers.

In addition to Bacolod, there are also a lot of King Long buses providing services in Cebu, Bohol Island and other famous tourist destinations. According to statistics, the number of King Long buses in the Filipino market now exceeds 2,000, ranking first among the exports of Chinese buses.

After the rainy season of the Philippines in April has just passed, it comes to a time when the sun is shining and everything is full of vigor. If you come to the Philippines at this moment, you will surely see the beautiful scenery that you won't see on the other time periods. You can start a romantic journey in the Philippines by simply boarding a King Long bus at will.

King Long buses to be driven to the Philippines

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