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High-end Product Market Competition Brought Qualitative Change

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High-end Product Market Competition Brought Qualitative Change

Jun 28 , 2022

For a variety of reasons, China's bus export are still mainly concentrated in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and other regions, and for high-end markets such as Western Europe, North America, they are very rarely set foot in, but Kinglong is using its own experts in the quality of bus gradually change this kind of passive situation.

"Mercedes-Benz brand do a good job, first, the development of a long time, and the other reason is in such a high-end markets in Europe, there are high-end customer-driven. At present, the world-wide high-end bus in Europe, we have only involved in direct competition with them to identify our own gaps. Some details in domestic are not a problem, but in Europe it would be a problem. For example, rusty screws, almost everyone in China have become accustomed, but in Europe it will not do, they require that we must be improved, must not be allowed to rust screws. Practice has proved that Kinglong Bus in mechanical, electrical aspects without problem, but the details still need to be improved. If we fail in this market as a participant, there is no way to upgrade ourselves. "Zhu Guoqiang said," the Western European market, although the high threshold, but perfect rule of law, stable financial market, will not be ups and downs. For Kinglong, high barriers to entry is a good thing, this is a reduction of the incidence of vicious competition. We are not afraid of customer requirements and more, this is also the driving force of Kinglong to continuous improvement of quality. We in Western Europe markets is not a nomadic practice of holding a shotgun, looking for the opportunity to harpoon, but the farming community, the spring planting, fall harvest, are seeking a stable income. "

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