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"Soft Power" Need to Have the Whole Industry Chain

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"Soft Power" Need to Have the Whole Industry Chain

Jun 28 , 2022

According to Zhu Guoqiang,Xiamen Kinglong vice general manager:" in the international industry chain division, product manufacturing is only a very small link after brand, design, development, by distribution and after sales. Why many export-oriented enterprises have encountered difficulties, those manufacturing enterprises have been closed down in the international financial crisis? Because they are in the lowest position of the value-added in the international industrial chain division, there is no brand, no distribution channels, no customers. Those global automotive giant in Chinese market are first by dealers to promote bus, reached a certain scale to build their own distribution channels, and then to invest and build factories, controlling the whole industrial chain in their own hands. 

China's bus enterprises after the reform and opening-up 30 years of development, its competitiveness is non-comparing, such as Kinglong brand, design, development, manufacture, marketing and services have been highly competitive, but how do we transfer the competitiveness from domestic to the international is that we must study. If we want to do something in the international markets, we must put people and property to build distribution channels , this is not a burden but rather an important part of the profits to create value for the enterprise. Therefore, Kinglong is scheduled to establish our own channels of distribution networks in some mature markets in 2009, so that improving the power to fight against risks."

Turning to overseas channels management of Kinglong, Zhu Guoqiang said that the current focusing on the diagnostic investigation to the original re-agents. Kinglong will strengthen to support good agents, for those who do not meet the requirement, we will ask them to reform, if some can not reform instead of being replaced. This channel must be sorted out, put the channels into a unified management of our own.

Zhu Guoqiang said: "The voice right conversion is which more power. When their bus brand isn’t influential enough in the local, we can only rely on local agents; when our growing brand in the local well-known, our channel management will be able to master the initiative.

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