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For Your Perfect Travel Experience——King Long PEV12

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For Your Perfect Travel Experience——King Long PEV12

Jun 28 , 2022


PEV12 is a bus which can invigorate the city and improve the urban aesthetics. No matter from which angle, inside or outside, day or night, PEV12 is worth a second look. Please don't be stingy with your good sense.

Supersized front windscreen, LED strap flashing with speed rhythm

Rear frame-type strip light design,featuring aesthetics and practicability

Electric double sliding doors , ensuring efficient access and safety

Embossed wheel arc, featuring stereoscopic effect & more elegant

Driving Area

With enclosed and transparent independent cockpit, PEV12 provides revolutionary driving experience with a split dashboard which is linked with the steering wheel so that drivers of different shapes can find the pleasure of controlling future buses.

Secondary console integrating multiple common functions, facilitating driver's operation and control

Multi-directional adjustable driver seat, alleviating driving fatigue

Super-large LCD touch screen, enabling intelligent and convenient driving and control


The PEV12 adopts a dual-disposal battery arrangement(top-mounted and bottom-mounted) and widely-used large glasses create a more spacious space for the interior. The European-style diagonal pull-out handrail makes you feel like you are in a subway, but the biggest difference from the subway is that you can enjoy the outside city scenery.

Concealed & diagonal design of seat leg, featuring aesthetics and saving the space

Bright ambient lighting design, ensuring spacious and transparent space in the vehicle

Special fixing facility for wheelchair, embodying humanization

Widened hand ring design, providing more comfortable feeling

ECO-Chip 3.0 New Energy Management System

With high computing capacity of 32-bit dual-core VCU processor, as well as upgraded control hardware and control strategy, ECO-Chip 3.0 can significantly improve the safety, stability, comfort and charging safety of vehicle. By virtue of OTA, ECO-Chip 3.0 can easily upgrade functions to higher generation.

EAPM: Intelligently identify driving intentions and intervene to prevent accidents caused by accidental steps.

DASC: Dynamically adjust the electric braking force to achieve the downhill fixed speed function, reduce driving fatigue and reduce brake wear.

Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR): Control the tire slip rate while accelerating, improve the traction and ensure the stability of the vehicle.

Electrical Park Brake (EPB): One button only to easily realize temporary or long-time parking

5G Internet of Vehicles

Green wave pass: With 5G-V2X technology to judge the status of traffic lights from a distance so that the green wave pass can be realized at optimal speed.

Over-the-horizon Collision Avoidance: To judge pedestrians and obstacles in advance by sensors such as roadside radars and cameras, and to remind possible dangerous targets at intersections; and power output limitation and braking intervention are performed depending on the situation to prevent collision risks.

Intelligent Speed Control: Driving at optimal speed can be realized through communication with roadside equipment or vehicle in combination with multiple environmental factors.

Accurate Stopping at Stations: Accurate station stopping can be realized through steer-by-wire, HD map and accurate stopping control strategies.

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