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Apolong Ready for Operation on Open Roads

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Apolong Ready for Operation on Open Roads

Jun 28 , 2022

On July 3rd, at Baidu AI Developers’ Conference, Baidu and King Long jointly announced that Apolong would soon be put into open roads for operation.

In July last year, the two companies revealed the world’s first L4 bus Apolong. Soon, the autonomous driving vehicle has been put into commercial operation in 25 cities across China, providing transportation services for over 40,000 passengers and boasting an accumulated mileage of over 50,000 kilometers.

Equipped with a number of cameras and sensors as well as laser radars millimeter wave radar, Apolong readily monitors the traffic conditions on the road in real time and can easily make decisions to avoid pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. With a maximum speed of 60 km/h, the bus can perform a number of complex driving tasks in various weather conditions, such as accelerating, decelerating, changing lanes, making left, right and U turns. Measuring only 6.5 meters in length, Apolong can accommodate 44 passengers.

“We are soon going to reveal our new Apolong with bigger sizes to meet the growing demand for greener and more intelligent public transportation services,” said Li Zhenyu, Vice President of Baidu.

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