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Apolong Launches Version 2.0 after Commercial Operation for 1 Year

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Apolong Launches Version 2.0 after Commercial Operation for 1 Year

Jun 28 , 2022

As of July 31st, King Long Apolong has accumulated 51,000 km of autonomous driving mileage and 59,000 passengers, and kept safe from accidents, demonstrating the leading strength of China's autonomous driving technology.

Looking back on the Baidu Create 2018, the scene of 100 first national mass-production autonomous driving buses of the "High Automation" of Level 4 - King Long Apolong to be put into operation is still fresh in my memory. Today, King Long Apolong has been commercialized in 30 scenes of 25 cities and regions across China. In the past year, King Long Apolong has opened up the history of commercialization of autonomous driving in China and painted a prosperous picture of commercialization of autonomous driving.

Setting a Benchmark for Global Commercial Operation of Autonomous Driving

As of July 31, 2019, King Long Apolong has accumulated 51,000 km of autonomous driving mileage and 59,000 passengers and kept safe from accidents, demonstrating the leading strength of China's autonomous driving technology. After a year of large-scale and commercial practice, Apolong has set a benchmark for the global commercial operation of autonomous driving.

Promoting the Reform and Development of Autonomous Driving Automobile Industry

The commercial operation of King Long Apolong is a successful example of the innovation and transformation of China's automobile "new four modernizations" and the stimulation of new momentum in the market. Under the leadership of King Long Apolong, autonomous driving vehicles of the "High Automation" of Level 4 in the park have ushered in a new era of rapid development in China, making autonomous driving a truly promising industry.

Helping Industrial Park to Upgrade Intelligent Construction

King Long Apolong has settled in science and technology towns, ecological parks, intelligent parks and other industrial parks of 25 cities. With a strong sense of intelligence and future, it has provided a strong support for the intelligent upgrading of the parks.

Letting Autonomous Driving Become a Realistic Choice for Public Travel

From imagination to becoming the usual way of travel, the autonomous driving bus of the "High Automation" of Level 4 without steering wheel and driver has entered the daily life of the residents in the park, making autonomous driving a new choice for the public travel.

In progress! Commercial Operation in 30 Scenes of 25 Cities

In Beijing Haidian Park, Country Garden's Tonghu Sci-Tech Town, Xiongan New Area, Fuzhou Feifeng Mountain Olympic Sports Park, Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Park, Beijing Shougang Park, Shanghai Chang Yang Valley, Fujian Pingtan and Henan Hebi Zhaoge Cultural Park and other places, King Long Apolong is "superstar" of these intelligent scenes.

Fuzhou Feifeng Mountain Intelligent Park

Fuzhou Feifeng Mountain Intelligent Park is the first 5G full-coverage park in Fujian Province. The digital intelligent park based on autonomous driving operation emerged.

Xiongan New Area

As the starting point of intelligent transportation in Xiongan New Area, King Long Apolong has been operating in Xiongan Citizen Service Center for more than a year, laying a solid foundation for the construction of Xiongan's intelligent transportation network. The arrival of King Long Apolong has laid the foundation stone for the development of intelligent transportation system in this "Future City".

Generation 2! For more complex commercial application environment

More than a year of commercial operation has accumulated abundant operation data for autonomous driving buses of King Long Apolong. In order to better serve the complex commercial application environment and bring more pleasant travel experience to passengers, Apolong 2.0 is coming.

Brain Upgrade

King Long Apolong 2.0 is equipped with HW3.1 autonomous driving system and has upgraded configurations such as high-performance intel E5 and 8-core processors. It has stronger computing power, enabling the brain to achieve higher efficiency when facing various applications and workloads. The higher-performance voltage stabilizing template enables the power supply to easily cope with and maintain stable endurance even in harsh environment such as cold and humidity.

In addition, King Long Apolong 2.0 can easily pass the high-intensity vibration test and EMC test, further improving its reliability and can control various road conditions. King Long Apolong 2.0 also has multi-channel CAN bus access capability, which can effectively enhance the real-time performance of data communication.

Endurance Upgrade

King Long Apolong 2.0 is equipped with CATL power battery. The battery capacity is increased from 42.3kwh to 49.3kwh, the charging time is reduced by 50%, and the driving mileage is increased by 20%, creating higher operating value for you.

Convenience Upgrade

King Long Apolong 2.0 supports forward-gear power heating, which can quickly dissolve frost, fog, ice and snow on the glass and effectively improve the visibility of vehicles. The opening mode of front wall and back wall is upgraded to make maintenance more convenient. At the same time, ABS function has been added to make vehicle control more convenient.

Interior Trim Upgrade

King Long Apolong 2.0 adopts modern and elegant purple gray as the main color, creating a comfortable and mysterious atmosphere of science and technology. A plurality of USB charging ports are added to provide convenience for charging mobile devices. The seat is a thinner folding seat, which makes the vehicle more comfortable and tidy at the same time.

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