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78 Units of Gorgeous-Looking King Long City Buses Started Operation in the Capital of New Caledonia

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78 Units of Gorgeous-Looking King Long City Buses Started Operation in the Capital of New Caledonia

Jun 28 , 2022

Recently, the beautiful New Caledonia (NC) has welcomed a group of islanders from China. A group of representatives of Made-in-China, 78 units of King Long luxury city buses have arrived at NC and started operations in capital Noumea and surrounding areas. It has not only brought better transportation service here, but also had important strategic significance to the construction of transportation and tourism in NC.

Urban Public Transportation Showing Romantic Atmosphere of Island

As the overseas territory of France, Noumea, the capital of NC, is full of romance and elegance everywhere, which makes it a must-see place of tourist in NC. City bus has been always playing an important part in local transportation system. “Many city buses will stop on the beach road from which the view is very good to see the beautiful quiet blue ocean and continuous mountains, so the public bus is not only providing services to local people, but also the first choice for the tourists.” Introduced by the manager of Overseas Marketing Dept. of King Long, that many tourist has praised the public bus service in Noumea.

Local government has kept emphasizing on the development of public transportation, so that the government had sent tender invitation of purchasing public transportation products worldwide last year, in order to build more convenient public transportation system of good quality and improve the development of local tourism industry. King Long had won the tender of city buses in the intense competition with international famous brands, changing the situation of purchasing buses from Europe in the past and demonstrating the power and charm of Made-in-China product and brand.

Craftsmanship Spirit Creating New Scenery of Blue Island

When mentioning beautiful islands, many people will think of popular tourist islands including Maldives, Bali, Tahiti, etc. Although NC is a new name to Chinese tourist, it is still shining. Located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is the overseas territory of France, also known as the backyard garden of France. It is also called as the Center of Pacific Ocean and Paradise at the End of the World. It has the purity and blue of south Pacific Ocean, the largest lagoon of the world, famous heart-shaped grove, abundant outdoor sports and sincere local customs and practices, which will meet all imaginations of the tourism on the island.

In order for the better effect of public transportation on improving travel quality and promoting tourism development, local government always has very strict requirements on public transportation products. “In accordance with the requirements of customer and actual situations, we have produced two sets of prototypes and delivered to customer in last October. On the basis of prototypes and trial operation, King Long technical team has been updating from appearance to interior decoration over and over again to meet the customer requirements and for the optimum status.”

The King Long city buses for NC are featuring dominant color of blue and white, symbolizing the blue ocean and white beach and corresponding with the customs of the island. Under the gorgeous looking lies the high quality inherence of the bus. The King Long solution of public transportation is customized in accordance with the road conditions of many ramp ways, curves and narrow roads and tropical oceanic climate. The brand new King Long city buses for NC are complied with certifications of Europe 6 Stage, integrated with series operation and control system from French suppliers for safety, comfort and environmental protection, including GPS/GPRS/WIFI, alcohol testing and anti-start system, passenger counting system, emergency alarm and phone system. This batch of buses will make local public transportation service to a higher level and also setup a new model of Chinese passenger bus manufacturing industry.

In 2019, the Tourist Year of China-Pacific Islands will be officially launched. Under the guidance of the Belt and Road initiative and the ideology of diversified cooperation, the Tourism Bureau of NC is well prepared and hopes to turn from New Comer of Island into the Ideal Island Destination of Chinese Tourists through more chances of diversified cooperation in 2019. Take the opportunity, Have a New island tour together, charming New Caledonia and King Long wish you to joint the appointment!

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