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King Long Pure Electric City bus Hit into Spanish Market

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King Long Pure Electric City bus Hit into Spanish Market

Jun 28 , 2022

Recently, a striking red King Long PE12 pure electric city bus was released in Spanish market, attracting extensive attention of local citizens and media. This city bus was introduced by Zaragoza, Spain. It started operation on bus route No. 38 in Zaragoza. It could be assumed that the pure electric city bus running on bus route No. 38 will greatly boost the bus electrification in Spain.

According to Avanza, the city bus operator in charge of this route, a King Long PE12 city bus will be launched on bus route No. 38 so as to continuously fulfill its commitment to sustainable transportation and clean energy. The bus route No. 38, connecting the east and west of Zaragoza, is about 15 km long. Due to the large flow of passengers, the buses on this route have to work 16 hours every day. Putting King Long PE12 into trial operation on this "high load" road shows that King Long pure electric city buses are fully recognized by the operator.

PE12 is a pure electric bus model specially designed by King Long for European market based on the "City Light" platform. PE12 is developed based on the brand-new modeling to achieve significant breakthroughs in appearance, performance and interior trims. PE12 is simple and elegant, exuding an intense sense of modernity and technology. For internal design, the layout of passenger zone is optimized, greatly increasing the standing space. The interior trims of the whole bus are made of environmental protection materials. Moreover, the city bus is provided with multiple human-based designs such as electric passenger doors and USB interfaces, providing more convenience and comfort for passengers. PE12 is equipped with 345 KWh slow-charging batteries made by CATL. After fully recharged, the city bus is able to drive 260 km continuously, fully meeting the one-day operation requirements in Zaragoza.

Although this is the first time King Long pure electric products entered in Spain, King Long has won good reputation in Spain depending on new energy products. In 2015, King Long exported eight 12-meter hybrid city buses (E12) equipped with Euro VI engine to Spain. It was the first time a Chinese bus brand exported hybrid products with Euro VI engines to Spain. After King Long E12 was put into operation in Madrid, the energy saving and environmental protection effects were highly recognized by the operator. So far, the total number of King Long hybrid city buses put into operation in Madrid has reached 40. Such city buses became the new name card of this famous European historical and cultural city.

The use of new energy buses made in China in the European market shows the world achievements and quality of Chinese bus manufacturing.

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