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Comprehensively upgraded European star model C9

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Comprehensively upgraded European star model C9

Jun 28 , 2022

C9 is favored by many users in recent 10 years ever since its entry into EU market. It can be deemed as King Long’s popular model in Europe. Comparing with previous model, C9 at this exhibition is significantly upgraded for the first time, from modeling to upholstery, in order to achieve remarkable improvements in appearance, safety, environmental-friendliness, economy, and comfort.

The new C9 is more fashionable and smart in modeling. It is equipped with A/C deflector to optimize the bus aerodynamic performance, and realize better fuel-economy. The Q700 high strength steel is applied on the crucial frame structure, and the structural design is optimized to effectively reduce the weight of vehicle and improve the structural strength and safety of the body. Upgraded to full-integral body structure design, this vehicle is reduced in weight by 350KG compared with 1st generation C9 to save fuel by 1~2L/100km. The vehicle strength is improved by CAE analysis and structural design optimization so that the surviving space allowance in event of rollover is improved by 23mm compared with previous model C9 to realized better safety.

The straight line and curve are perfectly designed to form a harmonious and dynamic exterior. The King Long family K mark endorses its high quality. Daytime running lams, adaptive headlights and automatic rearview mirrors make the C9 an eye catcher in the road.

Rear view camera

Rearview mirror with a large-area curved surface eliminates blind areas

More reasonable layout of cockpit, more comfortable and leisured driving experience

Multidirectional and adjustable driver seat with shock absorption alleviates driving fatigue effectively

Car-level luxury dashboard has reasonable layout and clear display

The C9 provides ampler riding space with broadened and heightened space design. Get on board the C9 and enjoy comfortable seats, on-board TV set, refrigerator, UV anti-bacterial lamps and other thoughtful facilities.

USB interface on the backrest

Enlarged emergency exits

Rotary steps with ambient lights

The high-strength monocoque body with 3H structure, undergoing strict rollover tests, is able to provide more survival space for passengers when an accident happens.

Ergonomic verification is conducted on cockpit facilities, making different drivers enjoy the same convenient driving experience. Optimized design of driving seats and pedals improves drivers’ driving comfort and facilitates their gear shifting and steering operations.

The body structure is also newly upgraded. The capacity of the luggage compartment reaches 4.8m³, raised by 18% compared with previous model. The newly upgraded luggage racks are applied to reduce the weight, and the space dimension between seat cushion and luggage rack bottom is enlarged for better riding comfort. On this exquisitely built new C9, the installation structure of interior trim parts is optimized for smaller assembling clearance and more elaborate craftsmanship.

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