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APE14 environment-friendly airport shuttle bus

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APE14 environment-friendly airport shuttle bus

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long has 17 years of new energy R&D and product promotion experiences, which generated a series of independently developed new energy products and technologies. In recent years, with plug-in hybrid products, independently developed ISG system and 14m pure-electric shuttle bus exhibited this time, King Long has demonstrated its new energy R&D achievements for many times in world’s top stages and showed its competition resolution in international new energy market.

The length, width and height of the APE14 is 13835mm, 3080mm and 3300mm,respectively.

With so grand avolume, APE14 is able to offer a better seating arrangement with its maximum passenger capacity is 120 persons. Equipped with the Microvast, the capacity is 180 Ah.

APE14 has the original modeling design, King Long traditional design with a rounded and smooth body line, which makes vehicle fashionable and classical.

APE14 equipped with sufficient quantity of hand rings that comply with relevant EU standards

Adjustable damping suspension drive seat is ergonomic.

Openable front wall for easier maintenance makes maintenance more convenient.

Passenger-friendly interphone for better communication between passenger and the driver, you can easily press it.

Developed especially for airport road conditions and operation needs of, APE14 is equipped with multiple advanced technologies. It is applicable for airports around the world. The biggest highlight of APE14 is the application of the multiplex distributed wheel hub drive, double-charger DC quick charging, and 20min quick charging. It can meet the scheduling needs and truly realize 100% operation efficiency. In environment protection, APE14 not only realizes zero fuel-consumption, zero emission, and low noise, but also achieves repeated recycling and resource-saving. Its aluminum recycle rate of the all-aluminum body is up to 95%.

As for battery, the most critical part on pure-electric products, King Long choose the industry's first-class brands, including CATL and Microvast. The batteries are integrated to the top of vehicle to expand the space of passenger area and protect the passengers. Proved by multiple destructive tests and extensive market, the battery features high safety. High standard insulation devices and fire extinguishers, heat-resistant insulation protection for passenger compartment, and intelligent safety pre-warning system guarantee the reliability of the high voltage system.

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