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Brand-new modeling 18m BRT manifests urban style

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Brand-new modeling 18m BRT manifests urban style

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long’s BRT is not only popular in China’s market, but also exported in large batches to overseas market. The 18m BRT6180 exhibited this time is developed based on the brand-new modeling to achieve significant breakthroughs in appearance, performance and upholstery.

Simple lines, rounded rectangle shape, LED lights, all these make B18- 18m BRT a minimalist style.The integrated and homely design of the interior echoes the minimalist appearance, unifying the overall style of the bus from inside to outside.

Black decoration headlamp frame makes the lamp brighter

Harmonious match of cold and warm tone for better riding experience

Wooden grain design for windows frame

High integration and extensible dashboard with head up display makes the driver forget he is driving a whopper.

Clear layout of dashboard buttons;Capacitive touch screen integrated with frequently-used buttons

Walkie-talkies for easy communication between the driver and passengers

B18 is built for the people, more handrails, outside call button, barrier-free footboard, wheelchair zone and wifi, all these facilities interpret the essential of humanism. Ingenious non-landing pillar design creates spacious compartment visually

The wheelbase is optimized for the vehicle arrangement to achieve more reasonable seat layout and space utilization. The maximum seating capacity under EU standard hits 49, which reaches the industry’s leading level among same class vehicles and meet the high capacity transport needs of BRT. The body structure and the materials for wheel rims, articulated trays, air duct brackets, and side window pillars are optimized to reduce the body weight by up to 5%, and remarkably reduce the operation fuel-consumption.

XMQ6180 features intimate interior settings. The exquisite design of off-ground handrails visually builds a larger interior space. The facilities, including external call button, inside wireless solar energy stop bell, barrier-free ramp, and wheelchair zone, offer convenience for the traveling of handicapped persons. The bus is installed with multiple USB charging ports and onboard WIFI for the passengers to enjoy network on city bus.

The birdcage type skeleton design plus tandem side wall pillars improve the vehicle strength and enhance passive safety. The wheel high-temperature warning device monitors the temperatures of tires and brake discs at real time. The active safety application of the smart cloud service platform independently developed by King Long can provide front anti-collision function, forward pedestrian safety warning, lane departure warning, and speed warning function, in order to safeguard your journeys with technology.

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