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China’s high-end bus Longwei II debuts at world’s stage

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China’s high-end bus Longwei II debuts at world’s stage

Jun 28 , 2022

Longwei I has become a legend of Chinese bus industry ever since the market launch in 2007. Longwei I is also a King Long’s symbol familiar to European users. Longwei buses are under operation in U.K, France, and Italy. At the 2017 Busworld Kortrijk, the debut of Longwei II at world’s stage attracted the attention from numerous users.

C13HD upgraded its active and passive safety to meet the European standard. Besides of the high-strength Q700 steel and monocoque body, C13HD is also equipped with FCWS, LDW and Top View system.

C13HD is more durable with complete vehicle cathode electrophoresis technology. Moreover, C13HD optimized the designs of electrical compart­ment layout, fuel filler and maintenance access holes to lower the use cost.

With lightweight materials, C13HD reduced the weight by 9.7%. Meanwhile, intelligent thermostatic system of the engine can lower fuel consumption by 3%, significantly enhancing the vehicle operation economy and providing more value for you.

During the all-round upgrade of Longwei II, King Long synchronously initiated the R&D of Longwei II Overseas version based on new generation Longwei platform. Longwei II debuted at this exhibition is a high-end masterpiece tailored especially for EU market throughout one year. As a classic-inheriting product of King Long, it inherits and upgrades the classic elements of Longwei I in design to achieve more elegant and graceful in vehicle modeling. In data age, the new generation Longwei innovatively established the modular and platform R&D mode and whole-process data management development mode to realize high harmony of vehicle.

Challenging the world’s high-end bus manufacturers, Longwei II not only represents the leading Chinese bus’ manufacturing level, but also surpasses the EU standard in some indexes. For instance, the application of highly flame-retardant upholstery materials achieves a flame-retardant level superior to the EU’s current standard requirements. The 3H body frame structure promotes the vehicle stiffness by 10~12% compared with Longwei I, which has improved vehicle safety and ensure surviving space in event of rollover is superior to the regulatory requirements while meeting the EU standard requirements. Longwei II also realizes remarkable improvement in economy. For instance, the structure design optimization of engine compartment improves heat dissipation efficiency. The butterfly-shaped air vent structure at engine compartment door, CFD simulation optimization, and wind tunnel test realize fuel-saving of 0.5~1L/100km.

Integrating numerous humanized designs, Longwei II offers a comfortable and convenient riding experience for both driver and passengers. The hot & cold air conditioning system incorporates functions of cooling, heating, defrosting, and full-automatic humidity control, in order to achieve more comfortable body feeling. The numerous humanized designs ease the services and maintenance, including structural design of removable crossbeams, central arrangement of electronic units in luggage compartment, and removable body and chassis part design for post-processor compartment.

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