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Discovery on ECO Elements at Busworld Kortrijk

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Discovery on ECO Elements at Busworld Kortrijk

Jun 28 , 2022

In the last 10-day period of October, Kortrijk’s blue sky is really refreshing. At the Busworld held here, King Long participates in this exhibition under the theme of “ECO for better move”. Which ECO elements are present in the site? Let’s discover together in the site.

Under the theme of “ECO for better move”, a concise and fresh poster explains the meaning of King Long’s ECO.




The arrangement of exhibition shows ECO elements from every detail.

The arrangement of exhibition atmosphere shows ECO elements from every detail.

The exhibit vehicles are the best manifestation of King Long’s ECO philosophy. As a spokesman of China’s high-end manufacturing, Longwei II represents the top manufacturing level of King Long and even the China’s bus industry nowadays. Its exquisite craftsmanship manifests the "Specialty in every detail” oriental craftsmanship spirit of King Long from every detail and wins the recognition from the industry.

Under the background of industry 4.0, Longwei II innovatively utilizes the whole-process digital management mode and modular and platform R&D mode to realize the high harmony of whole vehicle. The launch of Longwei II EU Version transmits a message to the industry that the Chinese bus industry is not only ranked the world’s first place in sales volume, but also can manufacture the high-end buses comparable with those of the world’s top bus brands.

The 14m pure-electric airport shuttle bus APE14 is another highlight of King Long at this exhibition, featuring elegant appearance and globalized sense. The pure-electric power realizes zero-emission and the advanced concepts and technologies, including multiplex distributed wheel hub drive, attract the attention from the industry, the customers, the media, and the public and gain the extensive recognition and appraisal.

With the made-in-China ECO, King Long also transmits the ECO philology via the interactive game of “charging by riding bicycle”, which receives high popularity.

Riding bicycle can do physical exercise and charge your mobile phone and can also win small exquisite gift. So why not do it to gain tripled results with such ECO method? Let’s go for it.

As the sole bus manufacturer with VR technology presentation at this exhibition, King Long’s exhibition booth attracts numerous customers, counterparts, and visitors for experience. By means of VR presentation, the visitors can be personally on the scene to appreciate the appearance and the upholstery of King Long’s hydrogen fuel bus and the work principle of hydrogen fuel bus.

Blue is the essential color of the Earth and is the mutual pursuit of the mankind. King Long will continuously carry forward innovatively under the made-in-China ECO philosophy to bring about King Long products for more cities worldwide.

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