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Top Ten Great Events of King Long Bus in 2010

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Top Ten Great Events of King Long Bus in 2010

Jun 28 , 2022

1.King Long Bus Successful Serves Four International Gatherings
In 2010, thousands of King Long buses successfully served Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, South Africa World Cup and Singapore Youth Olympics with fashionable appearance, reliable products and professional service, which show the highest manufacturing level of China buses & coaches and speed up its step toward internationalized operation.

King Long bus on the No.10 special route

2.The First Limo Blood Donation Vehicle Debuts in Shanghai, China
On 14 June 2010, the first limo blood donation vehicle was formally delivered to Shanghai Municipal Blood Management Office and used for the volunteer blood donation in Shanghai World Expo Park. This model is the first blood donation vehicles with slip cabin structure and manual manufacturing for three months, valuing 5 million Yuan RMB in China.

King Long limo blood donation vehicle

3.Successful Cooperation with ARRIVA, the Top European Transport Group on IAA
On 23 September 2010, King Long Bus attended IAA (International Automobil-Ausstellung) with three new models: XMQ6800£¬XMQ6130Y and XMQ6127J and it is the second times for this company to present on this expo. On 22 September, King Long Bus signed purchasing agreement with ARRIVA for 200 city buses. Such cooperation is the landmark event for King Long Bus since its international operation and shows that King Long Bus has qualified as the supplier of the leading international operator.

King Long XMQ6127J on IAA

4.King Long Bus Ranks China Top Six for Light Buses and No.2 for Exporting of Light Buses
In 2010, King Long Bus made great sales achievements in the markets home and abroad, up to 9441 units, year-on-year growth of over 130%. With three years' development, the sales of King Long light buses has rank top six in China as one of the mainstream producers. It exports 5123 light buses, accounting for 20% of the total, taking No.2 in the China bus industry.

King Long light buses

5.Making Green Trip for the Citizens in Xiamen
It is the first year when it makes low carbon city in Xiamen in 2010. As the famous enterprise in Xiamen, King Long Bus undertook the supplying of green environmental city buses and responsibility of related guarantee service. Since August, 300 King Long CNG buses were operated in 15 main routes in succession; also, two King Long hybrid power buses were applied in the demonstration project in the local region.

 300 King Long CNG buses

6.Great Breakthrough in Overseas High-end Market
King Long Bus made great breakthrough in overseas high-end market. There are five new models: XMQ6800, XMQ6120C, XMQ6130Y, XMQ6900J and XMQ6127J that have passed through the certificate of WVTA for the markets in European Union. These products have exported to 12 counties such as UK, France, Germany and Italy with the accumulated sales volume of more than 200 units. In particular, it sold 110 buses and ranks No.2 with the increasing market shares in Italy.

King Long XMQ6130Y luxury buses export to Italy

7.Outstanding Development Achievements of New Energy Buses
With the further development, a series of projects of new energy buses made by King Long Bus have got project approval and capital support from the government at all levels, including "National Significant Scientific & Technical Achievements Transformation Project: Development Project of New Energy Vehicles", "Construction of Development Center of Energy-saving and Safety of Buses & Project of Industrialization of Key Auto Parts", "Project of Development & Industrialization of Key Auto Parts of New Energy Vehicles", "Development Center of Xiamen Vehicles & Engineering Machinery: the First Phase of Project of Development Platform of New Energy Buses", "Project of Controllers of Hybrid Power Complete Buses", referring to the special capital support of about 30 million Yuan RMB.

King Long Bus started the construction of test center for buses in December 2010

8.Brand Value of "King Long Bus" Reaches 8.416 billion Yuan RMB
On 28 June 2010, Brand of "King Long Bus" is listed in Top 500 Brands for the seventh time since 2004 (4.908 billion Yuan) with the values of 8.416 billion Yuan with a growth of 680 million Yuan, year-on-year growth of 71%.

Brand Value of "King Long Bus" Continues to Increase

9.Aiding Project of King Long Bus for Senegal is Highly Appraise.
On 5 October 2010, the delivery ceremony of 406 city buses for Aiding Project of Senegal (Phase One) was held in Senegal. On 15th December, King Long Bus signed the order (673 units for Phase two) with SENBUS company with the contract amount of over 1.68 million Euro. This aiding project promotes King Long Bus to realize the great leap from products output to technology output, which makes active impact on the auto industrialization level and the improvements of the local urban public transport in Senegal.

The delivery ceremony of 406 city buses for Aiding Project of Senegal

10.King Long Bus Make Outstanding Sales Achievements in Management Transformation
In 2010, King Long Bus put forward the operation theme of "Year of Management Transformation", management principle of "Promoting Transformation, Emphasis on Effect, and Creation of New Situation", fully implemented cost control, accelerated optimization of main chain of supply, manufacturing and sales through continuously deepening management as well as optimized management procedure. The sales of this company exceeds 23000 units for the whole year, year-on-year growth of 53.9%, referring to amount of 6.459 billion Yuan, year-on-year growth of 28.6%, making a new record.

King Long Bus Makes New Sales Record in 2010

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