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King Long Bus Makes Outstanding Sales in Shandong Market in 2010

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King Long Bus Makes Outstanding Sales in Shandong Market in 2010

Jun 28 , 2022

It is known that there have been more than 500 new King Long buses in operation for four operators in Shandong Province in 2010, which are mainly used for passenger transport among provinces and tourism.

In recent years, the tourism market flourished in Zaozhuang, which stimulates the demand of the tourist coaches. In September 2010, Zaozhuang Municipal Transport Bureau publicly invited the tender of 55 tourist coaches and King Long Bus won it with the good brand influence as well as high cost performance of products (50 King Long XMQ6129Y5 and 5 XMQ6129Y8 buses) over other four participants.

King Long Bus actively seizes the opportunities of the tourism development and BRT in Zaozhuang. According to the statistics, it has sold over 100 buses in the local market, referring to about 50 million Yuan, year-on-year growth of almost ten times more, including 6 18-meter BRT XMQ6180G buses, 50 XMQ6129Y5 buses, 5 XMQ6129Y8 buses and 26 XMQ6925G city buses.

In 2010, the sales amount of King Long buses reaches 200 million Yuan RMB, year-on-year growth of over 50% in Zaozhuang city. King Long Bus has strengthened the direct selling of products and adopted sales regions (each sales staff in charge of opening two or three sales regions) and focused on the breakthrough of the markets where the sales achievements are not so good. Based on the efforts for many years, the direct selling of King Long buses occupies over 90% in Shandong market, year-on-year growth of 40%. In addition, King Long Bus takes the highway passenger transport market as the main point, sets up the proper strategies, promotes and develops products according to the clients?ˉ requirements to increase quality as well as effects of the orders.

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