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The New Generation of Pure Electric City Bus——PE12

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The New Generation of Pure Electric City Bus——PE12

Jun 28 , 2022

PE12 is the electric city bus manufactured by King Long. This model has outstanding performance in the reliability of battery, motor and electronic control systems, charging convenience, maintenance convenience and user-friendly design. It is a new and good option for your operation and public transport.

The New Generation with Minimalism

Simple lines, rounded rectangle shape, LED lights, all these make PE12 a minimalist style. The integrated and homely design of the interior echoes the minimalist appearance, unifying the overall style of the bus from inside to outside.

The led decoration is matched with the headlamp and has a great sense of high-tech

Straight lines with sharp edges are blended into arc decoration, which tough but gentle

The application of LED light at the junction of rear wall and side wall makes a brighter night driving effect

Low-floor design, creates spacious compartment easy boarding

Adjustable rearview mirror brings broad and clear vision to ensure driving safety/defrosting of rearview mirror with electric heating

Driving convenience bringing driving pleasure

PE12 is designed with a fully-surrounded driving area, creating an undisturbed driving space for drivers. Its elaborately planned dashboard layout and center console LCD screen make driving more convenient.

Ergonomic layout of dashboard with easily reachable commonly used buttons

Considerate safety guarantee

PE12 is designed with considerate safety guarantee for drivers and passengers. Its electrical components at the bottom have waterproof rating of IP68, enabling safe and worry-free driving even on rainy days. The bus is provided with emergency hammers, escape windows and emergency exits to enable passengers to quickly evacuate when an accident occurs.

Top-mounted battery design

Reversing radar and rear view camera

Side marker light

Whole-vehicle wiring harness integrated in rear compartment, with a reasonable layout to make maintenance easier

The comfortable experience

PE12 is built for the passengers, more handrails, wide wheelchair zone, all these features interpret the essential of humanism.

The reasonably arranged standing posts, handrails and ring handles provide a better safety guarantee for passengers.

PE12 provides disabled people convenient facilities with humanistic care

In case of emergency, turn the handle 90 degrees in the direction indicated by the arrow to manually open and close the door.

Smarter and safer bus

Safety upgrade: Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR), Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication (EAPM), Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Electronic Brake Assistant (EBA) and Hill-start Assist Control (HAC).

Reliability upgrade: VCU32-bit vehicle controller unit, third-party charging technology (TCT), Level IP68 Three Power protection and life cycle control and optimization technology (LOC).

Energy-saving upgrade: Integrated Control Technology for Thermal Management (CTM), Dynamic Calibration Technology for Energy Consumption of Electrical Accessories (DCEAC ) and Glide Energy Recovery Technology (CRE)

Intelligence upgrade: the technology platform of Internet of Vehicles named King Wings of King Long Group, which can be subject to Over-The-Air (OTA) and upgraded for free, is used to implement the remote monitoring and control functions of the vehicle status, three-power system status, road conditions and driving behaviors.

Comfort upgrade: Crawl Control function implements the stable starting and ramp adaptability when the driver does not step on the accelerator at low speed.

Since the Easy Drive 3.0 new energy management system is equipped for assistance, the management of new energy buses has broken through to a new level.

Independent electrical compartment and circuit module are more convenient for maintenance and inspection.

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