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A New Upgrade and Better Choice — XMQ6128Y

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A New Upgrade and Better Choice — XMQ6128Y

Jun 28 , 2022

The XMQ6128Y is a classic model of King Long buses, which has seen a major upgrade this year. The appearance is more magnificent, showing the stateliness. The interior configuration is more delicate, making the long journey full of imagination; Excellent and stable performance can realize efficient operation and fruitful results.

The XMQ6128 has a simple and gorgeous look, with plump and smooth lines. A simplified K-shape logo gives the side windows a more holistic and visually lengthening look.

The front end is designed to be sharp, with headlights and the outline closely integrated. The combination headlights are brighter and more recognizable. The front wall large windscreen brings about a broader visual field.

The real wall features simple and elegant design to echo harmoniously with the front wall.

It has a front-wall access cover, which can be easily opened by the driver for maintenance.

Greater luggage compartment space makes every trip comfortable. Electric outward swinging design makes it possible to open the door at a larger angle for convenient baggage storage.

The bus power is upgraded. The layout of the engine compartment is more reasonable, which reduces resonance and makes it easier for maintenance. It further reduces noise while maintaining the great power.

The battery compartment is separated from the control box, which not only saves space and makes it easier for maintenance, but also ensures that they do not interfere with each other. This design ensures the independence so that the battery temperature will not go too high.

When designing the details of the body, the utilization of each corner is fully considered. A lot of independent partitions are designed, so the actual loading space is very large.

The well-chosen exquisite upholstery for XMQ6128Y is only intended to bring about more comfortable driving/riding experience for you. The ingeniously improved passenger seats achieve wider space. The humanized design, including aviation class luggage rack and A/C air vent with reading lamp, makes every journey comfortable. The optimized dashboard front wall structure enhances the overall airtightness of driver zone and brings about smoother and easier driving/riding experience.

The large luggage rack is firm, with larger capacity.

The space between seats widens, making long trips stress-free.

Each seat back is equipped with a cup holder for passengers to put their cups.

Each seat is equipped with a USB charging interface for passengers to charge their mobile phones on the way.

There is a separate toilet on the bus to make full use of space and to meet the needs of passengers to go to the toilet on the way.

LED outline marker lamps are equipped on each floor of the multi-step entrance to ensure the safety of passengers when boarding and alighting.

The reading lamp is combined with the air outlet for convenient lighting.

XMQ6128Y is your faithful and reliable business partner. Ergonomic verification is conducted on cockpit facilities, making different drivers enjoy the same convenient driving experience. Optimized design of driving seats and pedals improves drivers’ driving comfort and facilitates their gear shifting and steering operations.

The shock-absorbing adjustable driver seat with high backrest effectively mitigates the driving fatigue. The optimized driving control layout ensures convenient and easily accessible operations.

Integrated instrument panel and ergonomic steering wheel can help you enjoy driving.

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