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Ten King Long XMQ6125 Serve Ngari in Tibet

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Ten King Long XMQ6125 Serve Ngari in Tibet

Jun 28 , 2022
On April 10, 2013, ten King Long XMQ6125AYD3C tourist coaches were delivered to Tibet Tourism Company in Lhasa Shenhu Hotel, and the coaches will serve Ngari Holy Mountain Sacred Lake which has the highest elevation in China.

Tibet Tourism Company is the largest tourism company in the area and they have the largest fleet and the top service. The company has visited all the major bus builders in China, and King Long newly developed XMQ6125AYD3C coach was chosen.

King Long XMQ6125AYD3C coach features grand appearance, luxurious and comfortable interior trimmings, strong power, and the Longyi Telematics system can provide intelligent management, active safety, and fuel saving etc innovative technology, and tourists can enjoy safe and comfortable experiences.

King Long has adjusted the bus model according to the highlands with large steeps, and they adds rear axle ratio, and front and rear transition wheels are equipped to avoid knock chassis of the bus when passing steep slopes. Engine primary heater unit for fuel oil and air inflow are equipped to solve the vehicle start and flameout problems in alpine region.
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