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Technology Empowerment丨King Long Driving in the "Fast Lane" of Digital Development

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Technology Empowerment丨King Long Driving in the "Fast Lane" of Digital Development

Jul 19 , 2023

In 2023, the construction of "Digital China" is in full swing. In this critical period, King Long actively embraces the digital wave, devotes itself to promoting digital, intelligent and green low-carbon development, provides customers with higher quality and more efficient products and services to meet customer needs with more diversified, accurate and customized services and products.


At present, "Digital China" is one of the important strategies for China's development, and digital transformation is also an important strategy for King Long to adhere to high-quality development. As a leading enterprise in the bus industry, King Long follows the development trend of 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies, and builds the YunChuang digital factory + intelligent transportation solutions, which injects new momentum into the transformation of the transportation industry and contributes to the "King Long Power" for better travel.


As early as 2019, King Long opened the era of 5G smart network connected public transportation, and after continuous exploration and research, finally released the 5G intelligent connected bus, Smart Citylights, on May 19.


Taking advantage of the high speed, low latency and reliability of 5G technology, Smart Citylights provides intelligent transportation solutions. Using advanced technologies such as sensors all over the vehicle, on-board intelligent terminals, intelligent roadside devices and cloud computing units, it realizes complete spatial and temporal dynamic traffic information collection and fusion based on 5GV2X technology. This technology can accomplish group intelligent cooperative control such as human-vehicle cooperation, vehicle-road cooperation and vehicle-vehicle cooperation, effectively solving urban traffic control problems and building a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly intelligent transportation ecosystem. By fully utilizing its technical innovation capability, it will introduce more intelligent transportation solutions and contribute to building a better city.


In 2021, King Long YunChuang Digital Factory was successfully launched, with open source product creation, 3D intelligent selection, full process transparency and agile manufacturing delivery, and the ability to purchase buses on mobile phones. In the same year, it also released the "Smart GO" intelligent transportation solution, which integrates the three intelligent aspects of "all elements, all scenarios and all ecology" and "smart vehicles, smart roads, smart stations, smart yards, smart operations, smart cloud control and smart ride-hailing". It can improve traffic efficiency, reduce traffic congestion, enhance traffic safety, enrich the quality of urban life, and contribute to the construction of a smart city.


In 2023, King Long and CiDi jointly launched a new bus, King Long & CiDi MTV, which is a brand new product that combines intelligent technology and network technology. The whole bus adopts advanced vehicle network technology, which realizes information interaction and data sharing among vehicles and between vehicles and roads, and creates a safer, more efficient and low-carbon transportation ecology by promoting the digitalization and intelligence of vehicles and network connectivity technology.


Under the rapid development of digital economy, King Long seizes the opportunity to increase investment in the field of digital economy, further develop digital technology and products, make every effort to create intelligent transportation solutions, promote cross-border integration and industrial upgrading of the bus industry, and provide global users with bus products and services of higher quality and King Long characteristics.

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