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King Long Attended the 2023 World New Energy and New Materials Conference

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King Long Attended the 2023 World New Energy and New Materials Conference

Jul 21 , 2023

2023 World New Energy and New Materials Conference was held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, under the theme of "New Era of Energy, New Future of the World", and invited the world's top 500 companies, multinational companies and China's top 500 energy companies, enterprises and industry leaders and other enterprises to participate in the conference.



As a representative of well-known enterprises in the new energy industry, King Long participated in the conference and displayed a series of autonomous driving products, including King Long's new energy commercial vehicles, Apolong, HAPO Smart Bus and Longwei autonomous sweeper, which demonstrated King Long's leading advantages in the field of intelligent transportation and new energy transformation, as well as the diversified applications of autonomous driving in the real life.


Attracting many people to linger and look, the new energy commercial vehicle on display at King Long's 150 square meter booth was the industry's first new heavy-duty truck product developed by King Long for battery swapping ecology. It has the characteristics of integration, light weight and intelligence, and realizes the compatibility of various battery swapping modes such as rear swapping, saddle swapping and bottom swapping of battery pack to adapt to different market scenarios.


In the High-tech Industrial Development Zone, not only the Apolong was displayed, but also its vehicle model. As China's first commercial autonomous bus, Apolong combines Baidu's autonomous system and King Long's extensive experience in automobile manufacturing. It features reliable driving safety, highly automated driving capabilities, and an extremely high-tech appearance, allowing people to experience what people can do with today's technology.


A 4.3 meter high cute vehicle - HAPO smart bus - was parked in the outdoor exhibition area. Equipped with leading autonomous capability and a highly reliable drive-by-wire platform with excellent autonomous driving performance such as autonomous car following, obstacle avoidance driving and intelligent parking, it was perfect for picking up guests on the spot. The HAPO smart bus, which makes traveling more convenient, comfortable, and safe, provided guests with an excellent sightseeing experience of intelligent traffic lines.


On the other side of the exhibition area, there was a King Long Longwei autonomous sweeper. It is a pure electric vacuum sweeper sanitation vehicle independently developed by King Long, which has L4-level self-driving capabilities and can automatically dump garbage. The vehicle has three operation modes: driverless, manual control and remote control, and the control system is compatible with new energy and autonomous technology, with millisecond response, high safety, comfortable and convenient operation.


As a giant in the global bus industry, King Long has actively embraced the new mission imposed by the new era, led the Chinese bus industry to make great strides forward, and unleashed amazing energy in the field of new energy. Over the years, with its accumulated technological advantages in the field of new energy buses, King Long has created a series of technological innovations and new energy-oriented products, actively developed the hydrogen energy industry, and improved the new energy industry chain. In the future, King Long will continue to take "building a beautiful travel community" as its mission, provide innovative and excellent products and services, and make contributions to the development of new energy and new materials!

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