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Shaoxing Plant of King Long Bus Bustling in Producing of New Energy Buses

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Shaoxing Plant of King Long Bus Bustling in Producing of New Energy Buses

Jun 28 , 2022
Recently, Shaoxing Plant of King Long Bus, located in Shaoxing County, Zhengjiang Province has been bustling in the manufacturing of 95 new energy buses for Xiamen Public Transport Company.

According to Chen Wenquan, the general manager of the plant, “Since the end of the Festival Spring of 2011, we have produced almost 200 buses, year-on-year growth of about 30%”.

In recent two year, King Long Bus focuses on the development and the manufacturing of new energy buses such as fuel-electric hybrid power, LNG, CNG and electric buses. Compared with the conventional buses, the advantages of new energy buses are more obvious in face of the increasing fuel price and demand on environment protection, such as low operation cost and less emission.

The plant offered 117 LNG city buses for Guangzhou during the Asian Games in 2010 and it is predicted that around 3500 buses are going to be produced in 2011 (2780 units in 2010), new energy buses accounting for almost a half. In addition, it will employ 50 technicians for the development of electric buses as well as natural gas buses.

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