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172 King Long Buses Sail to Malta

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172 King Long Buses Sail to Malta

Jun 28 , 2022

In the morning of 2 April 2011, the transfer ceremony of 172 King Long buses (XMQ6900J and XMQ6127J) exporting to Malta was grandly held in Xiamen Modern Port and these buses have been formally delivered to the Malta branch of ARRIVA Group (European top transport operator), which will be used in this July. The order refers to the amount of over 15 million Euro.

transfer ceremony

All 172 buses are equipped with the engines (Euro V) and the world leading information system. It is known that this is the biggest order for King Long Bus since its entry into EU market since 2005; also it is one of the biggest orders for the exporting of China buses & coaches in recent years. Since October 2009, ARRIVA has decided to cooperate with King Long Bus for the tender from Malta transport authority to improve the local urban transport conditions and its Malta branch finally won the bidding, getting the operation right of city buses for ten year. It will purchase 185 new city buses, including 172 diesel city buses (Euro V) and some hybrid power buses.

King Long buses

According to Han Zhihong, Manager of Strategic Customer Department, there are mainly two reasons why King Long Bus was chosen as the partner of ARRIVA: firstly, King Long Bus has exported 82 buses in Malta in 2003, and these operated buses are positively confirmed by the local citizens and government for good operation condition, low breakdown and maintenance fees; secondly, the increasing market coverage in EU, market shares and brand influence year by year is paid attention by European large transport group since 2005.

Xie weiguo, Manager of Overseas Sales Department, introduced that, both XMQ6127J and XMQ6900J are designed for the EU city bus market and they have got the complete vehicle certificate in EU (XMQ6900J) for these models in 2010, advantageous in concise style, shinning appearance in accordance with European esthetic concept, Euro V emission standard, WABCO ECAS inclination adjustable system in favor of the aged and kids, special seats for the disabled, luggage areas, emergency escape and the unique ARRIVA ON BOARD info system with the integration of UPL, monitor, passenger number counting device, electronic ticket system, touch terminal display and GPS system. Such devices enable drivers and the staffs in central control center to know real-time condition of vehicles and make intelligence operation as well as management.

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