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Luxury Tourist Coach XMQ6900D: To Enjoy Your Journey !

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Luxury Tourist Coach XMQ6900D: To Enjoy Your Journey !

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long XMQ6900D is a luxury touring coach tailor to senior tourism market. With strong power, high riding comfort, high safety and luxuriousness, it will become one part of your precious journey memory.

Enjoyment of Beautiful Sceneries within Your Journey

XMQ6900D is always your most reliable and intimate traveling companion throughout your journey.

With rounded and steady appearance, comfortable upholstery, convenient driving arrangement, strong power system and reliable safety protection, it enables you to enjoy to Thailand's beautiful sceneries with your pleasant journey.

The marking K on the side walls features better dynamic and fashion.

The concise front wall lines achieve best balance between dynamic and elegance.

The wedge-shaped rear lamps and ventilation holes on the rear wall are full of concise design power.

Redefining of Coach Aesthetics with Integrated Functionality and Visuality

King Long XMQ6900D adopts the streamline body design for reduction of wind resistance, emerging the dynamic feeling naturally. The marking K on the side walls is the brilliance and honor symbol of Jieguan family of King Long. The functional design, including the daytime running lamp, automatic headlamp, and reversing monitor, remarkably improves the taste of the whole vehicle while guaranteeing the driving safety.

The built-in reversing camera in the rear spoiler guarantees the reversing safety.

King Long LED logo

The door is widened to 820mm to guarantee the access efficiency of passengers.

The head A/C deflector reduces the wind resistance by 3% to help reduce the fuel consumption.

The streamline design of rear spoiler reduces the wind resistance by 10.8%, featuring better fuel economy.

The large curved surface rearview mirror eliminates all blind zones.

Car-style Upholstery Design for New Experience of Pleasant Journey.

The optimized space arrangement, the integrally preformed roof design, and the industry’s innovatively patented L-shaped air suspension achieve a more spacious and comfortable riding space. The seats with ergonomic design feature thoroughly upgraded structure and materials. The optional USB interface and onboard WIFI bring about more pleasure to your journey. The air purifier and the NVH noise-reduction system bring about a calmer riding environment for your enjoyment of pleasant journey.

The escape hammers fitted within the vehicle guarantee the safety of passengers in event of emergency.

The reading lamps above the seats meet the journey needs and the professional speakers provide pleasant and clear explanation and music.

Sliding emergency exit in the middle of vehicle

The design for rear steps is optimized for better humanization.

Manifestation of New Driving Proposition with Humanized Cab Layout

By means of the rearrangement for the cab layout and facilities, XMQ6900D brings about more comfortable, convenient, and humanized driving experience for the driver.

The car-style short-handle pneumatically controlled gearshift lever achieves smoother and more convenient gearshifts.

The patented L-shaped air suspension features better road adaptability and more stable driving.

The optional car-style color instrument panel builds up a car-style driving experience.

Better reasonable cab layout brings about more spacious driving vision.

Better Safety

The use of high strength steel, the integration of 3H-structured integral body design, the enhanced brake system capable for effective reduction of emergency braking distance, and the Adaptive Front-Lighting System remarkably improve the active and passive safety of the vehicle. The multiple safeguard functions build a safer and more durable bus for the operations.

Better Comfort

The NVH noise-reduction technology, the environmental-friendly upholstery materials, and the patented air suspension build up a more comfortable and calmer riding space. The multiple humanized designs build up a more pleasant touring experience for the passengers.

Better Energy Conservation

The utilization of intelligent cooling system achieves better fuel-saving. The thermal management and analysis technology for the engine compartment ensures the running of engine under best working condition at all times, featuring high efficiency and fuel-saving. The multiple advanced fuel conservation technologies create more operation value for you.


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