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King Long Overseas Chapter: Brilliant 2016, Glorious 2017

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King Long Overseas Chapter: Brilliant 2016, Glorious 2017

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long strengthened its efforts in the overseas market in 2016, actively practicing the Belt and Road Initiative and vigorously responding to the spirit of “Best Quality”. King Long topped the industry with an annual export of 11,000 buses, achieving another milestone in China’s bus export.

Looking back on 2016, King Long was telling the stories of “Quality by China” overseas with constantly refreshed industry benchmarks: 450 deluxe coaches exported to Saudi Arabia, further increasing the share of King Long in the passenger transport market of Saudi Arabia; 50 King Long buses delivered to Tunisia, achieving a major breakthrough of batch export of buses to Tunisia in the industry; 200 large buses exported to Costa Rica, taking the largest share in the local market; 400 buses delivered to the Philippines in batches, creating the largest sales of single bus brand in the local market in 2016; after the order of 410 light buses, King Long has sold nearly 10,000 light buses in Bolivia, taking a market share of over 40%...With the glory of excellent quality, King Long is setting sail from Xiamen to the rest of the world.

“Made in King Long”, Oriental Power Overseas

Saudi Arabia
In March 2016, 300 buses were smoothly shipped from Xiamen Modern Terminal to Saudi Arabia, representing a great start for King Long in this year. Over the last year, Saudi Arabia has purchased 450 King Long buses. Today, there are 2,300 King Long buses serving Saudi Public Transport Company and its subsidiaries, far ahead of its competitors. King Long has become the Chinese bus brand enjoying the highest reputation and popularity in the local market.

The Philippines

Since the first batch of its vehicles entered the Philippines in 2003, King Long has developed a sustainable competitive advantage with particular focus on service, upgraded the make-to-order mode to ultra-international service standards, and switched the goal of overseas service from “customer satisfaction” to “customer appreciation”. This year, King Long has delivered 400 buses to the Philippines in batches, representing the largest sales of single bus brand in the local market in 2016. Currently, there is an inventory of up to 1,800 King Long buses in the Philippines.

Founded in 2007, the Light Bus Division is a group elaborately constructed by King Long after years of cultivation. With the rapid development of Sino-Egyptian economic and trade cooperation, as well as the deepening of the Belt and Road Initiative, King Long has entered the Egyptian light bus market and taken the initiative to launch the CKD Project with an annual capacity of 5,000 light buses. In November 2016, Egyptian customers visited King Long and ordered another 576 CKD buses on site. The accumulated sales of King Long light buses in Egypt reached more than 23,000. The distributor of King Long light bus in Egypt has topped the Egyptian market segment for many consecutive years.


In December 2016, the Bolivian distributor of King Long light bus came to visit and signed an order for another 410 buses. The number of King Long light bus sold in Bolivia thus reached nearly 10,000 accumulatively, topped the sales of the local segment of light bus for the third consecutive year with a market share of more than 40%. In addition to the great success in light bus market, King Long also achieved significant progress in passenger coach: the public transport solution King Long tailored for La Paz, a city of Bolivia at the end of 2016 has become a typical “King Long-Style” urban public transport system worth vigorous promotion overseas.

A Rising Golden Brand of the Belt and Road Initiative

In the recent series events of the 11th “Great Influence to China Buses Industry”, King Long won the 2016 “Thailand Star” award in the overseas market of Chinese buses with XMQ6128SD, the star model exported to Thailand. The field research and development for “exclusive custom” and the permanent local service team make the model a classic. Among the 2,000 King Long buses in Thailand, XMQ6128SD occupies up to 915 units.

2016 saw the third anniversary of the introduction of the Belt and Road Initiative. With the great opportunities brought by this national strategy and “Made in China 2025”, products of King Long are being sold to more than 130 countries and regions on the five continents. Its export products accounted for more than 1/5 of the total bus export of China. King Long has been acting as a pillar of the automobile export industry of Fujian Province.

To carry forward the cause pioneered by our predecessors and forge ahead into the future, King Long will take the new year as a brand new start, maintain the influence of the “golden brand” and seize the opportunities brought by major national strategies. With the brand proposition – “Advance with Innovation, Meet Your Transport Needs”, King Long will strive for new milestones overseas for the quality manufacturing of Chinese buses with unwavering self-innovation, ultimate craftsman’s spirit and new wisdom for bus manufacturing!

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