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Light of Technology Focus on King Long Safety Technology

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Light of Technology Focus on King Long Safety Technology

Jun 28 , 2022
Light of Technology is CCTV-10 classic program, and they focused on King Long intelligent auxiliary driving system, and the program was boradcast on Feb. 27, 2013. The 8-minute long program showed King Long intelligent auxiliary driving system.
We can see a 11-meter King Long coach is passing a dangerous roads, and the speed of bus is controlled by phases with management system, and the speed of the buses are slowing down from 60km to 30 km per hour slowly. And the bus can pass the twists one after the other.

Professor from Tsinghua University is praising the speen control system, which can reduce road accidents largely. And active safety system like King Long's innovation should be used by more and more buses in China.

Apart from this, King Long developed lane departure departure alert system, forward collision alert system and panoramic look system eyc. active safety technology.
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