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King Long Buses Helps Saudi Arabia Customers Serve pilgrimage to Mecca

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King Long Buses Helps Saudi Arabia Customers Serve pilgrimage to Mecca

Jun 28 , 2022
Saudi Arabia government declared the listing of pilgrimage to Mecca passenger transport companies and King Long buses can be found in the top five bus operators, and the first one, Kawafei Company’s fleet are all composed with King Long buses and coaches. And this is the third year for the company to rank the first.
pilgrimage to Mecca is the largest religion activity for Islam and millions of Moslem rushed to Mecca at the time. And the bus can only run at 2km/h in 45℃, which requires high for the buses such as high temperature of the engine, slipping braking, heating drum brake, and failure in driveline.

There was no anchor accident for King Long buses for serving pilgrimage to Mecca in 2012. And 100 XMQ6127GS buses are serving two bus lines in Mecca to provide transport service for Moslem for 24 hours. A Muslim from Ningxia province in China said that it was rather comfortable to ride King Long bus and he was surprised and happy to see China buses running in Mecca.
King Long buses started to serve Saudi Arabia Pilgrimage since 2004, and there are over 2000 King Long buses serving the activity.
King Long Bus brands can be seen along the roads
King Long after-sales service staffs entering Saudi Arabia since 2004, and they are responsible for training drivers, as well as bus fleet management. The service employees are rather capable for they are rather professional on personal skills and they can speak both English and Arabic.
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