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Kingster XMQ6706/6606 All-new Multi-functional Commercial Coach

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Kingster XMQ6706/6606 All-new Multi-functional Commercial Coach

Jun 28 , 2022

Extraordinary Style, Powerful Generation

To meet the upgrading operation demands of segment markets including quality tourism transportation, group commuting and official and commercial reception, etc., King Long has analyzed relevant market application cases and developed its integrated multi-functional commercial coach – Kingster – featuring all-new appearance style, light luxurious interior decoration, all stamping standard manufacturing technology, popular prime power chain and fully optimized chassis performance.

The all-new Kingster multi-functional commercial coach applies to various customers including governmental authorities, group companies, hotels and tourism transportation companies and helps develop business and market.

Elegant Appearance in Flexible Relaxation

The King Long Kingster is applying advanced technologies including all-stamping body and butt-welding with limited deformation to enhance the structural strength of the body. It also features strong design creating a powerful appearance and all-new designed integrated flowing LED steering matrix headlight, generating a restraining and elegant appearance in flexible relaxation.

The beauty of precision work of the all-stamping bodyimproves the flatness and fineness of interior decoration

Widen pneumatic swing door for more efficient boarding and alighting

Full-width front wall featuring dignity

Rear wall of golden section featuring aesthetic attraction

Integrated headlight with flowing LED steering light and daytime light featuring beautiful eyes of the coach

Progressive in Galloping

In association with domestic and international experts, the chassis system of Kingster is precisely aligned to fully optimize the control stability, steering performance and comfort of the coach. The Kingster coach is featuring high adaptability for your best experience with multiple configurations including the market-recognized Isuzu engine, prime power chain with 6-speed gearbox, front and rear disc brakes, ABS/ESC (Operating Version), PES ring hole, as well as series of sound insulation design such as aluminum foil absorbing cotton and anti-vibration damping plate, etc.

In association with domestic and international experts, the calibration and alignment of suspension, steering and braking systems, etc. will fully improve the performance of the chassis.

Standard ABS ESC for Operating Version will significantly enhance the vehicle stability and safety under multiple road conditions.

Large-size front and rear disc brakes will greatly reduce the braking distance to ensure the linear braking.

The Isuzu engine with low noise and low oil consumption and in combination with 6-speed gearbox considers both high-speed driving and climbing performance at any speed, provides higher adaptability to road conditions

The engine compartment adopts PES ring hole aluminum foil absorbing cotton, which reduces the noise and improves seating comfort.

Overall Control, Easy Driving

The King Long Kingster is equipped with an all-new car type instrument panel featuring a compact design with wooden decoration to create a gorgeous driving experience. It will provide you with easy and overall control by just one arm operation with multiple functions including central LCD instrument, 8-inch high-resolution LCD touch screen with mobile screen projection function, a newly designed multi-functional steering wheel, and independent reading in driver compartment, etc.

The multi-functional steering wheel with an integrated audio system and passenger door control function will ensure intelligent and safe driving and control. (optional)

The standard LCD instrument is applied for easy access to vehicle information including the status of the doors, gear positions and remaining fuel etc.

The 8-inch LCD touch screen with mobile screen projection function can realize interaction of vehicle and screen easily and play network film and music at any time.

Storage areas for driver and co-driver are designed for easy access to personal belongings.

Enjoyment and Honor in Management

The pre-posed design of the engine compartment will increase the space of passenger area. The light luxurious and simple design with integral layering technology of the roof will reflect the sense of space with sufficiency and elegance. Other considerate designs including all-new designed central ventilation system, air purifier (optional) and multi seat layout, etc. will create a safe, reliable, leisure, and quiet space for you.

TheYuexiang seats will provide you with an upgraded experience of comfort. (It exceeds the strictest international standard during the C-SCAP test.)

The integrated interior decoration features an elegant design and easy-to-clean. The concealed air outlet with variable ambient light strip will create an elegant and light luxurious space for passengers.

The panoramic sunroof will give you a brighter and roomier interior space.

All-new central ventilation system will timely transfer the fresh air into the coach to create a cleaner environment.

An audio system with surround stereo sound effect will bring more fun during the journey.

Value Choice, Efficient Operation

In the initial stage of research and development of Haorui, we had taken full consideration of the accessibility of maintainence and reliability of high efficientoperation. The vehicle will ensure your operation business with cathode electrophoresis, car type electrical controlled oil tank cover, integrated central electrical box and many ergonomic optimization designs of accessing opening for maintenance.

The application of 4 closed loops with strict CAE analysis and optimization will ensure the safety and reliability of the coach.

The car type electrically controlled oil tank cover will be only opened upon the flameout of engine to ensure much securer and convenient

The integrated arrangement and optimized design of the central electrical box will ensure the easy maintenance of the complete electrical system.

The optimized design of accessing opening for the engine, gear shifting system and cooling system will ensure easy operation and maintenance.

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