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Opening a new era of "5G Smart Medical"

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Opening a new era of "5G Smart Medical"

Jun 28 , 2022

A 5G smart medical experimental base jointly built by King Long Bus, Xiamen Humanity Hospital and other three parties.

On the afternoon of December 3, 2020, King Long Bus signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiamen Humanity Hospital., Tech Valley (Xiamen) Information Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Net Intelligence Huirui Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., and China Mobile Communication Group Fujian Limited Company Xiamen Branch, to jointly build a 5G smart medical experimental base. Mr. Ying Mingang, President of Xiamen Humanity Hospital, Mr. Li Mingfei, General Manager of Fujian Wangzhihuirui Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Sien, General Manager of Tech Valley (Xiamen) Information Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. You Qi, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Communication Group Fujian Limited Company Xiamen Branch, Mr. Xu Wei, Deputy General Manager of C&D Medical Company, Mr. Su Liang, Director of King Long Engineering Research Institute and Mr. Liu Kongbin, Deputy General Manager of King Long Special Vehicles Business signed the agreement on behalf of the above enterprises.

At present, the shortage of medical personnel and equipment in towns and villages, crowded urban medical treatment, uneven distribution of medical resources in urban and rural areas and problems in cross-regional medical treatment have always been the difficulties and pain points hinder the development of medical and health industry. With the advent of 5G era featuring high efficiency, large connection and low latency, these existing medical problems will be solved. The medical experimental base with 5G smart medical service system jointly built by five enterprises will not only effectively solve the above medical difficulties, but meanwhile speed up the construction of Healthy China and promote the development of medical health industry, thus facilitate high-quality medical resources down to grassroots and enhance the treatment level and service ability, pushing the development of smart hospital.

Mr. Ying Mingang, President of Xiamen Humanity Hospital, stated that based on high-quality medical resources carried by the 5G e-health bus, the contracted project is able to realize intelligent application of clinical decision-making and medical data and effectively relieve the insufficiency of funds, equipment and technology in remote and disadvantaged areas. It is committed to realizing a new medical service mode of "motionless patient, moving doctor" and providing the people with all-round and full-cycle health services.

Mr. Su Liang, Director of King Long Engineering Research Institute, said that the establishment of 5G smart medical experiment project is of great significance in strengthening the penetration of hospital medical resources, creating a smart high-quality medical environment, improving comprehensive medical service capabilities, integrating health resources and ensuring public health.

As the founder of China’s first medical bus and physical fitness monitoring bus, King Long started the medical and health care business in 2007 and has experienced a development process from scratch and from small to large after 14 years of hard work and unremitting efforts. Based on the technology of "vehicle quick inspection and screening 5G telecom", a full coverage of product categories has been formed in the field of medical security, including negative pressure isolation ambulance, physical examination vehicle, CT examination vehicle, blood donation vehicle, mobile PCR nucleic acid detection vehicle, vaccine cold-chain vehicle and other special medical supplies such as negative pressure isolation cabins. King Long has become the most powerful system solution provider in the field of mobile medical and epidemic prevention vehicles.

King Long mobile PCR nucleic acid detection vehicle and CT examination vehicle are the powerful weapons with excellent performance during epidemic prevention and control. The PCR nucleic acid detection vehicle is developed in accordance with national laws and regulations. Equipped with reagent dispensing room, sample processing room, product analysis room and amplification room etc., a daily mobile detection of 10000 samples can be achieved combined with 5G high-speed data transmission.

Mobile CT vehicle is composed of vehicle mounted CT, inspection equipment and information technology, which can realize CT scanning, medical examination, telemedicine and other functions. Through the combination of mature and stable medical vehicle equipment, high-quality images and 5G intelligent cloud, it can realize 24-hour operation and help medical personnel to carry out effective screening.

This project is highly consistent with King Long’s vision of building a beautiful travel community. The medical experimental base of 5G intelligent medical service system integrates the industry and application advantages of Humanity hospital, Huirui Technology, Tech Valley and Xiamen mobile, combines the most advanced 5G information technology platform, blockchain privacy protection technology and artificial intelligence processing technology of medical information to create a scene that meets the needs of modern medical and health care industry. Hongai blue bus, a mobile health care platform of the base, has built a better travel community.

The pregnancy examination vehicle jointly built based on seven-meter coaster model is equipped with a full range of pregnancy testing equipment, providing a mobile service platform, creating high-quality hospital and doctor services as well as reducing the pressure of Obstetrics and Gynecology consultation in hospital. At the same time, its 5G big data platform is connected with the hospital data platform for real-time data interaction so as to achieve telemedicine.

5G technology can improve telemedicine and telecare, effectively enable telemedicine, medical imaging, emergency vehicle, hospital digital service and medical big data, etc., so as to realize home medical and health care services and improve the happiness of the majority of patients. This cooperation also adheres to the concept of high-quality development, seizes the opportunity of high-speed iteration of mobile information technology platform, makes good use of high-quality medical and health resources, provides better health care services for the society, and makes joint efforts to build and develop the experimental base, thus help the strategic construction of "healthy China" and march towards a healthy China

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