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Kinglong Another 100 Units Public Transportation to Serve Olympics

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Kinglong Another 100 Units Public Transportation to Serve Olympics

Jun 28 , 2022

On 29 April, another 100 units low-floor luxury public transportation, named XML6140 were delivered to Beijing Public Transportation Holding Co., Ltd as Olympics use vehicles.

Kinglong has successfully bid for over 2000 units vehicles for serving Beijing Olympics. Up to now, there are more than 8000 units Kinglong vehicles serving in Beijing, the capital of China.

It is said that Kinglong founds a special team to design new models, especially XMQ6140G and XMQ6125G for meeting demand of Olympics which also match the image of 'New Beijing, New Olympic'.

According to some technical engineers' introduction, XMQ6140G is a environmental protection and energy saving, human, electronic complete vehicle design, which aslo matchs the theme of 'Green, Human and Technical Olympics'.

XMQ6140G is a low-floor vehicle, having super wide door, special zone for disables, footplate for wheel chair, protecting backrest and the inner is anti-noise and non pollution. Meanwhile, XMQ6140G is equipped with Euro IV emission standard clear and evironmental engine.

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