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End of 2007, Kinglong Products Serie

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End of 2007, Kinglong Products Serie

Jun 28 , 2022

According to statistics to December, China Bus Industry gained rapid growth again, over 20% increases in whole 2007 predicted, which shows great power with several years development, especially "Three Longs and One Tong", which are four first grade enterprises dominate the market.

As industrial leader, Kinglong has stable increase in 2007 with total 11.102 units sales volume and 4.035 billion Yuan sales amount, up 24% and 23.7% respectively compared with the same time last year.


Kinglong Products' Characters

All Road Bus products series roseFrom Jan to Nov, Road Bus sales volume rose 27.6%, especially Jieguan Medium Bus helping increase sales volume, XMQ6996 which fills a product blank from 9 to 10 meters, sleeper model goes up twice and 12 meters increases largely.

City Bus Products reasonable increaseTotal 2.728 thousands transit buses were sold with an increase 10% from Jan to Nov. Kinglong grows up in city bus market through several years' technology and efficient market investment, becoming top grade bus first selected brand and gaining many batches orders from Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other coastal development cities.

New Products Behave Well
In 2007, New Products possessed 30% bus market according to statistics, and which hints that, one is the new products meet clients' need, the other is Kinglong will strengthen new products research and updating. Two new models, Jieguan Medium Bus and Annual Bus XMQ6126 have sold 2 thousand units and an increase of 9 times respectively, dominating Kinglong's sales volume.

Attention to Subdivision Market and successfully develop Blue Sea MarketOn 10 August, Kinglong XMQ6139B airport ferry vehicle was successfully tested by State Civil Aviation Administration and the first batch sales signature ceremony was held on 22 November which signs Kinglong has entered into Blue Sea Market.


Combination and Optimize Products Chain for Competition Power Rising

New Products Designed and Accurate Guidance A new branch was founded for new products designing, specializing in market research in 2007. Jieguan Series set a good example.

Construction Adjusted

Firstly, 6 light buses were blocked due to the state put forward light bus excise, but Kinglong Series had an increase of 22.2%, behaving well in such a disadvantage condition.

Secondly, 7 to 9 meters medium buses were optimized and updated.

Finally, Kinglong strengthens over 10 meters buses design, keeping traditional predominance.

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