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King Long "Technology Tour" into Shanghai

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King Long "Technology Tour" into Shanghai

Jun 28 , 2022
On August 24th, 2012 King Long "Technology Tour" and "Intelligent Drive" Case Sharing Meeting was held in Shanghai, where the leading bus manufacturer King Long launched its new oil-saving technology-King Long "Intelligent Drive" system and new-generation buses XMQ6125AY serial.

King Long Technology Tour into Shanghai

As the most developed city in China, Shanghai is always the main market of high-end buses, and the key area for mainstream bus manufacturers as well.

General Manager of King Long Guo, Renxiang gave a speech in the meeting, "After years' preparation and work, King Long makes a great achievement in Shanghai and there have been 6000 King Long buses used in Shanghai. During this technology tour exhibition, King Long will exhibit four new models and Intelligent Drive system for the customers."

General Manager of King Long Guo, Renxiang Gave a Speech

As the new-generation technology models, XMQ6125AY and XMQ6113AY, equipped with LDWS, Anti-collision warning system and ECO-Driving system, etc. which are independently developed by King Long postdoctoral research center with 24-year experience, spotlighted the exhibition.

King Long XMQ6129Y

Encountering with the rising oil price, King Long brought LNG XMQ6129Y bus in this exhibition. Using NG vehicles is a good way to reduce fuel cost for transport enterprises and King Long could offer natural gas engines as well, according to the customers' requirements.

Besides, King Long focuses on school bus production. King Long intelligent school buses, including 6m-10m long-nose and flat-nose ones, are equipped with many safety technologies, such as front anti-collision warning system, LDWS, panoramic viewing system and seat belt auto-unlocking system, etc. In this exhibition, King Long 7m XMQ6730ASD3 attracted many customers' attention for its safety and intelligent management system.

King Long School Bus

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