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200 King Long Hybrid City Buses Serve Wuhan City

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200 King Long Hybrid City Buses Serve Wuhan City

Jun 28 , 2022
In Wuhan City, some green-and-white city buses, which are spacious and stable, have been used recently. It's said these 600 buses were purchased by Wuhan Public Transport Group as "green city buses", including 200 King Long XMQ6127GHEV4 hybrid city buses.

King Long Hybrid City Buses

King Long Hybrid City Buses

In order to improve air quality, Wuhan Government decided to subsidize RMB 1 billion Yuan within three years to replace city buses. 1000 gree city buses are expected to be used in 2012, including 420 clean-energy buses, 300 hybrid and pure-electric buses and 280 above-Nation III diesel buses.

In April 2011, Wuhan Public Transport Group asked four mainstream bus manufacturers for hybrid demo-city-buses to be used in Wuhan, including King Long XMQ6127GHEV4, which turned out to be the best among the four after one-year pilot run. In 2012 open tendering for Wuhan city buses, King Long obtained the order of 200 hybrid ones, which would be delivered in June.

King Long XMQ6127GHEV4 is a newly-designed hybrid city bus with direct parallel hybrid power. Its unique Stop-Go mode could shut down automatically if required to lower the oil consumption and emission. Compared with similar diesel models, King Long XMQ6127GHEV4 tuns out to be low emission, low oil-consumption and low noise.

As the development of King Long in new-energy bus market, King Long buses are sold in Wuhan, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Kunming and Fuzhou, etc. King Long will provide more environmentally-friendly buses to contribute to "low-carbon city bus" in China.

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