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King Long Serves Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou

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King Long Serves Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou

Jun 28 , 2022

From December 6 to December 8, the 2017 Fortune Global Forum was held in Guangzhou, which attracted the attention from the world again. With craftsmanship services of “International style”, the transport support team for this grand event made a deep impression to the global distinguished guests and all sectors of society.

Founded in 1995, the Fortune Global Forum is always dedicated to discussing the continuously changing cutting-edge issues in the global business field. The global political, commercial, and intellectual elites gather together to discuss the most important issues influencing the trend of global economy. Therefore, the Fortune Global Forum becomes the world’s focus of most attention.

Throughout more than 20 years of development, the Fortune Global Forum has become the “Most distinct and direct window to grasp the trend of world’s economy”. The Fortune Global Forum and the Fortune Global 500 are called as two super namecards of Fortune.

Such a tremendously grand event couldn’t do without King Long. After serving many international grand events, King Long was once again listed as the official designated vehicle in this high-efficiency transport support team and completed the transport support works successfully with high standard, stringent requirements, and high specification.

It’s reported that, to the chairmen, presidents, and ECOs of the global transnational corporations and the world's renowned politicians and economists, King Long once again shows the Chinese “Craftsmanship Quality” with full passion and all-round services.

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