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King Long Wins Awards at 60th Anniversary Ceremony of China’s Bus Industry

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King Long Wins Awards at 60th Anniversary Ceremony of China’s Bus Industry

Jun 28 , 2022

On November 3, Macao Venetian Cotai Exhibition Center was full of star products. At the very moment of the 7th Macao Auto Show, the awarding ceremony in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of China’s bus industry hosted by China Automotive News was held ceremoniously. At this historic industry event, King Long gloriously won 7 awards, including the Outstanding Contribution Award, the Top 10 Bus Brands, and the Top 10 New Energy Bus Brands.

It’s of especially significant importance and honor that the President of King Long Motor Group and the Chairman of King Long Xie Siyu was listed in “Top 10 Figures as of 60th Anniversary of China’s Bus Industry” to commend his outstanding contributions to the development of China’s bus industry.

In 1957, the model 640 bus was developed successfully on the basis of Jiefang CA10 truck platform in Beijing and Shanghai. Till now, the China’s independently manufactured buses have passed through 60 glorious years. Throughout 60 years, China’s bus industry has experienced the transformation from nothing to something and from weakness to mightiness. Nowadays, China has become the world's largest bus manufacturing country, with the products distributed to 5 continents worldwide. At the very moment of the 60th anniversary of China’s bus industry, China Automotive News organized the great achievements and experiences/lessons in last 60 years of China’s bus industry to list the development history of the industry and witness the numerous achievements of Made-in-China.

Adherence to original intention for accomplishment of independent brand pioneer

Through nearly 30 years of development history, King Long can be called as the China’s independent bus brand pioneer. In 1988, the newly founded King Long was exactly in the high-ride period for introduction of foreign capital and joint-venture and cooperation in China’s bus industry. However, King Long resolutely chose the cause of independent development and independent brand.

In succession to the innovative design of the 1st generation medium luxury touring bus product in 1990, a series of King Long products designed and developed independently on the basis of the national conditions was launched and a series of domestically innovative leading technologies were applied on King Long products. Therefore, King Long rapidly opened the market and created numerous miracles in China’s bus industry at high speed, becoming an outstanding independent brand in China’s bus industry.

Since 2000, King Long took the lead to develop the overseas market and has developed the markets of more than 130 countries and regions worldwide, becoming the China’s bus brand with largest export scale and most extensive coverage and making significant contributions to the emerging and going-abroad of the China’s independent brand buses.

Classic products for demonstration of “National Bus” strength

The products are the best demonstration of the enterprise brand strength. In nearly 30 years, King Long independently developed and designed a series of products with beautiful modeling and outstanding performances, which gained the favor from the customers both home and abroad and forged the classics in China’s bus industry. The winning vehicle models this time are the typical representatives:

Top 10 road/touring buses as of 60th anniversary of China’s bus industry

XMQ6110 in 1994

China's first independently designed large luxury bus.

XMQ6115 in 2001

As a quality representative of “National Bus”, it created a “3,000,000km overhaul-free” record. The popular sales of this vehicle model enabled King Long to achieve RMB >3 billion sales revenue in that year, ranking the 1st place in China’s bus industry.

Longwin I XMQ6129Y in 2007

It achieved a sales volume of >100,000 vehicles throughout 10 years from market launch, initiating the high-end manufacturing of China’s independent brand buses and creating a legend in China’s bus industry.

Top 10 city buses as of 60th anniversary of China’s bus industry

XMQ6100G in 1997

First low-floor luxury city bus.

XMQ6106G in 2002

Exported in batch to Malta in 2003, it realized an ownership volume of >10,000 vehicles in global market.

BRT (XMQ6180G) in 2008

Featuring high capacity, safety, and efficiency, the King Long BRT buses provide traffic management support for the fast-paced urban development.

Top 10 light buses as of 60th anniversary of China’s bus industry

King Long minivan - Kingo

As the King Long’s first luxury business mini van, it’s a popular model for business and touring journeys.

In honor of the great figures in China’s bus industry, Chairman of King Long Xie Siyu was listed in “Top 10 Figures as of 60th Anniversary of China’s Bus Industry”

The Assistant to Director of Strategic Investment Center of Xiamen King Long Motor Group

Ma Wenxiong (Right second) receives the award on behalf.

At this grand ceremony, the President of King Long Motor Group and the Chairman of King Long Xie Siyu was listed in “Top 10 Figures as of 60th Anniversary of China’s Bus Industry”.

As one of the major leaders of Xiamen King Long Motor Group, in the past 10 years, Mr. Xie Siyu sufficiently played the strategic leader role of the group to drive the industry structural upgrade, management transformation, and major technologic innovation and improvement of enterprises (Including King Long, Gold Dragon, and Higer) under the group and forge the 10-year glory of King Long. In these 10 years, with doubled sales revenue and export revenue, King Long, Gold Dragon, and Higer undertook the brand proposition of “Craftsmanship quality national bus for the world”, deeply developed the international market, and exported products to more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, continually retaining the 1st place of China’s bus export ranking and becoming the true leader of China’s bus manufacturers for development of global market.

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