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King Long Provided Perfect Service for APEC 2018

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King Long Provided Perfect Service for APEC 2018

Jun 28 , 2022

Because of APEC, and because of China, the pearl of the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea has become the focus of the world.

From November 15 to 18, President Xi Jinping stayed in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, for four days and three nights. He paid a state visit to Papua New Guinea, met with leaders of the Pacific island countries to which diplomatic relations are established, and attended the 26th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting.

As the meeting commuting service vehicles assisted by China and the only Chinese bus brand appearing at the APEC meeting, 85 King Long buses undertook the important task of commuting support for Chinese delegation and guests from participating countries during President Xi's visit to Papua New Guinea and the APEC meeting,. With excellent product quality and professional service level, King Long fully fulfills the mission entrusted by the state, highlights the new diplomatic style of a major power in the new era, and demonstrates the self-confidence and strength of Chinese manufacturing.

Convey of National Vehicle, Friendship Witness

The 26th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting hosted by Papua New Guinea is a great event for Papua New Guinea and even the entire Pacific island countries. To help Papua New Guinea successfully hold a unique APEC meeting, China has provided strong support and assistance to Papua New Guinea from project assistance to meeting service guarantee. The 85 King Long buses assisted to the Papua New Guinea is a messenger of friendship between the two peoples.

King Long attaches great importance to these vehicles and actively fulfills the responsibilities of a state-owned enterprise. At the stage of product design and production, it carries out "tailor-made" design according to local demands and characteristics, improves overall adaptability in technology and process, completes the vehicle delivery task with quality and quantity guaranteed, and shows the elegant demeanor of Chinese manufacturing with the quality of “National Vehicle”. These buses not only played a great role in the APEC meeting, but also will continue to serve the traffic of Papua New Guinea after the meeting, bringing long-term benefit to the Papua New Guinea people and witnessing the profound friendship between the two countries.

Mission Completed with High Praise

Slogans and flags marked with "Welcome to Papua New Guinea” and "APEC 2018" can be seen everywhere in the beautiful Pacific port city. Serving as the shuttle buses for the APEC meeting, the King Long buses marked with "China Aid” run on the streets of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, becoming a beautiful scenery line and the most frequent appearance of Chinese elements in the area.

Now, the 2018 APEC meeting has come to an end. This meeting has reached a number of consensus in promotion of economic and trade interconnection in an all-round way, promotion of the development of the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific and the vision of cooperation after 2020. King Long has also successfully completed the commuting support task of the meeting and was praised by the local government.

"The service guarantee of King Long was very successful, and the delegation's reception task was completed safely and smoothly, which played a great role in the successful hosting of this meeting." said Christopher Mero, the Ambassador of Papua New Guinea in China.

Moreover, the local drivers who drove the bus for the first time highly praised the King Long buses. Steven, a driver, said that although the road in Port Moresby was not good, the King Long bus was not affected. It was very smooth in driving and comfortable to ride.

The King Long bus, with the reputation of "National Vehicle", has been selected as the service vehicle for the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference since 2001. It has shouldered important responsibilities in various major international and domestic activities and has an outstanding “resume”. Since last year, King Long has successively served the BRICS National Summit in Xiamen, the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the first China International Import Expo and other major international events. This time, it serves the 2018 APEC meeting in Papua New Guinea, making an indelible mark on the “resume” of King Long bus.

Cooperation & Sharing for Building of Good Traffic

The APEC meeting advocates enhancement of regional cooperation, promotion of economic development and co-prosperity. As a representative of the independent bus brands of China, King Long has always been a practitioner of the concept of win-win cooperation. In the process of development, King Long continuously absorbs and integrates the advanced international bus manufacturing concepts and technologies, continuously promotes the core competitiveness of its own brand, promotes the overall improvement of the overall level of Chinese bus manufacturing and promotes the cooperation and sharing among other countries in the field of bus to build better public transport.

At present, King Long buses have been exported to 136 countries and regions around the world. Especially in recent years, King Long positively responds to the national “the Belt and Road” Initiative, carries forward the Silk Road culture, and builds a win-win situation. It has become a Chinese bus enterprise with the most perfect layout in “the Belt and Road” market.

Through 30 years of development, the brand of King Long has gained global reputation. In the future, King Long will continue to cultivate the international market, integrate global resources, deepen practical cooperation with all parties, and let the independent bus brand of China retain a foothold in the international market with a more confident and powerful attitude.

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