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King Long Promotes Its New Medium Bus Model

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King Long Promotes Its New Medium Bus Model

Jun 28 , 2022

After nearly one year and a half’s effort from King Long, XMQ6901Y made its debut in Beijing Bus & Truck Exhibition 2014 on May 14th. It not only set the forward R&D benchmark for the whole industry with its outstanding performance, but also embodied King Long’s high expectations on the industrial transformation and upgrading.

The change from the forward R&D has been well demonstrated in the sample car test. Firstly, the targeted parameter has been set before the design. Therefore, in the process of technical application, the balance among every part has been achieved to ensure an improved overall performance. Moreover, a homemade engine, an imported engine, a gas engine and two speed ratio rear bridges can satisfy various power requirements with a streamlined structure. Therefore, a great power, which is well above the average industrial level, has been achieved with low oil consumption. Acceleration time for 0-90km/h was 39s, far ahead of the average industrial level. In terms of driving stability, it adopts King Long’s suspended bridge, which is invented by as well as named after Yang Guoku. The structure innovatively applies L rear bridge, combining the stability of C rear bridge and the space arrangement of B rear bridge, with all standard allocation of XMQ6901Y air spring. With upgraded operating smoothness and driving stability, it well solves the problem of the medium sized bus’ instability during operation.

Engineers who participated in the test are deeply impressed by the improved chassis performance. When running on the rainy highway, it changed its lane fast to avoid danger with emergency braking and turning, The vehicle’s trailing performance surprised all on-site engineers because in the past this kind of situation would surely lead to overturn. The surprise was also shared by another bus driver. In the testing for high altitude performance in Yunnan province, the first thing the driver told the engineers was "the chassis must have been replaced since there is an obvious improvement on the driving stability.”

Now, King Long is gradually realizing its transformation strategy. Some customers have come to recognize the standards set by XMQ6901Y and purchasing orders have already arrived before its debut. For instance, after seeing this bus model, a customer from Guangdong immediately ordered fifteen buses but on condition that they are manufactured according the given configuration. King Long did not agree with the customer and provided another solution by optimizing the previous configuration to change the customer’s original plan instead of abandoning the previous configuration. Finally, the purchase was completely carried out according to King Long’s arrangements.

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