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King Long Green Bus Fleet Safeguard Urban Environment

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King Long Green Bus Fleet Safeguard Urban Environment

Jun 28 , 2022

China's leading bus manufacturer, Xiamen King Long brought four classic bus models on display at Beijing Bus &Truck Exhibition 2014 with the theme of "Green, Safe and Intelligent" this year.

As the main force of King Long's green bus fleet, XMQ6111AGBEV, XMQ6119AGHEV1 and XMQ6661AGBEV have drawn great public attention.

XMQ6111AGBEV is an electric bus which came off production line this year. With Optimized structure and battery layout, the bus boasts more spacious space, higher speed, and higher reliability compared with its counterparts. In addition, its super short rear overhang and lengthened wheelbase give the vehicle a loading capacity of over 100 passengers, larger than that of a normal 12-meter electric bus.

King Long XMQ6111AGBEV

Xiamen King Long has been actively involved in R&D of hybrid vehicles for even longer time compared with electric buses. Now, the company boasts mature technologies in this field. Regarded as the most ideal transportation solution in current auto market in domestic China, hybrid vehicles enjoy huge market potential. In its hybrid bus fleet, King Long XMQ6119AGHEV1 is equipped with a number of independently developed core technologies. Consuming less than 20L fuels, it is one of the company's fist products achieving the highest fuel efficiency.

King Long XMQ6119AGHEV1

Nicknamed super rider, XMQ6661AGBEV is wholly developed by King Long as community transportation solution. Thanks to its comparatively small size, it is most suitable for airport VIP transportation, community transportation, urban rail-bus transfer. With shortened rear overhang and lengthened wheelbase, the electric bus has further enlarged its space. Mounted with 9+1 seats, the green vehicle boasts 4.4 square meters area for standing passengers. In addition, it has a maximum loading capacity of 45 passengers, practically reaching the same level of an eight-meter bus. Also worth noting is the vehicle can be fully recharged in 15-20 minutes and operated for 100 km each time after recharging, providing urban residents with both convenience and environmental benefits. After technological innovation, its battery can last 6-8 years, giving the vehicle longer life expectancy.

King Long XMQ6661AGBEV

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