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King Long New Energy Bus Achieves Soaring Sales Volume

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King Long New Energy Bus Achieves Soaring Sales Volume

Jun 28 , 2022

Along with the approach of the summer, the orders for King Long new energy buses are increasing and the production and sales volume are growing continuously.

Due the adjustment period of the new energy vehicle subsidy policy, a soaring wave of the orders for new energy vehicle was emerged in the beginning of the year and both production and sales volumes of new energy vehicles were flourishing. However, following the approach of the window period, the wave trend gradually restored to the normal state. The difference is that, since the middle of April, the orders for King Long new energy vehicle products are keeping growing and the sales volumes are flourishing in all market segments and regions. Since this year, King Long received the industry-leading orders for approximately 1,500 new energy vehicles and the performance was excellent.

Pure-electric buses as leading product

Following the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and the deepening of the environmental protection concept, more and more cities joined the comprehensive public bus electrification course. Among the orders for King Long new energy products this year, the pure-electric bus is the well-deserved leading product and is favored by Xiamen, Fuzhou, Foshan, Harbin, Luzhou, Wenzhou, and Zhoushan.

King Long pure-electric bus ready for delivery to Fuzhou Minyun Public Transportation Co., Ltd.

After the delivery of nearly 1,000 pure-electric buses to boost the Fujian’s progress of public bus electrification course at the end of last year, King Long pure-electric buses were delivered in batch to various cities in Fujian in succession since this year, including 396 pure-electric buses delivered to Fuzhou Minyun Public Transportation Co., Ltd. 189 King Long pure-electric buses were delivered to Foshan, Guangdong, unveiling the public bus electrification course in Foshan.

King Long pure-electric buses unveil public bus electrification course in Foshan.

For pure-electric buses, the most severe test is the extremely cold weathers. With high resistance against low temperature and snow/ice, King Long pure-electric buses have been recognized by more and more users in extremely cold regions through actual operations and word-of-mouth. Harbin, the Ice City, encountered the once-in-30-year extremely cold weather in the beginning of this year. “Even under the -40ºC, King Long pure-electric buses had no problem in charging or start. With fast start, stable operations, and no power drop , their attendance rate is 100%.” The head of Hulan Public Transportation Co., Ltd. praised the performances of King Long pure-electric buses in the cold winter.

King Long pure-electric buses are under operations in Harbin.

In addition, King Long pure-electric buses were put in batch into operations in Mudanjiang and Jixi, Heilongjiang and, with excellent performances in extremely cold weathers, were extensively appraised by the customers and passengers.

Localized hybrid buses still under favor

With zero-emission and zero-pollution, the pure-electric bus is certainly the first choice for city green and low-carbon buses. However, as the pure-electric bus has a really high dependence on the charging facilities, how to choose energy-saving and environmental-friendly new energy buses for the non-first-tier cities in which the charging facilities are to be improved? Among the orders for King Long new energy vehicles, we found out that some cities, including Jinhua, Yueqing, and Chifeng, chose hybrid buses as the transitional choice for public bus electrification course.

King Long quick-charging plug-in hybrid bus is under operation in Wenzhou.

“Compared with plug-in operations and based on monthly 4,000km mileage for every vehicle, every vehicle can save more than RMB 8,000 each year with the consideration of AdBlue cost so that 22 vehicles can save approximately RMB 180,000 each year.” In this January, the Chengdong Public Transportation Company of Wenzhou Transportation Group put 22 King Long quick-charging plug-in hybrid buses into operations. After three-month actual operations, the head of this company highly recognized the energy-saving and environmental-protection performance of these vehicles and would further dig for higher energy-saving potential: “We are exploring with the King Long technicians to increase the daily charging cycles of vehicles, in order to bring about higher economic and social benefits.”

King Long accumulated nearly 20-year new energy bus R&D and application experiences and offers complete new energy bus product lineup. With rich configurations and types, including trickling charging quick charging for pure-electric models, parallel and hybrid connection for hybrid models, and fuel/electric hybrid and gas/electric hybrid, from 6m microcirculation bus to 18m BRT, the new energy bus “City Lights” product platform brings about the energy-saving and environmental-protection concept to every market segment.

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