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King Long Holds 30th Anniversary Press Conference in Beijing

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King Long Holds 30th Anniversary Press Conference in Beijing

Jun 28 , 2022

On May 28, the 2018 Beijing International Road Transportation, City Bus, and Parts Exhibition (Hereafter referred to as 2018 Road Transportation Vehicle Exhibition) was held in China International Exhibition Center. After the official opening of this exhibition, King Long ceremoniously held the 30th anniversary brand launch conference themed by “Future Road and Acceleration” and launched the China’s first commercial autonomous driving bus Apolong and the China’s high-end bus representative Longwin II VC.

Through 30-year hardworking, King Long realized the transformation from nothing to something and from excellence to brilliance. Undertaking the China’s national industry task for 30-year, King Long successfully forged a world’s renowned China bus brand. At the launch conference, King Long Executive Deputy General Manager Zhou Fangming reviewed the 30-year hardworking course of King Long, expressed the King Long’s strategic direction for future public transportation trend, and explained the future-oriented acceleration concept and action of King Long.

30-year history forges glory of independent brand

A magnificent and impassioned video reviewed the 30-year growth history of King Long to unveil the launch conference.

Going back to 1988, the founding year of King Long, King Long determinedly took the China nation situation as the starting point, marched on the independent innovation road, and undertook the China national auto brand course. After 30 years, King Long has become a flag of China bus industry and a world’s renowned China bus brand.

King Long Executive Deputy General Manager delivers the “Future Road and Acceleration” keynote speech.

King Long Domestic Marketing General Manager Zheng Xiaohu introduces Longwin II VC and Apolong

Looking back to the past 30 years, King Long insisted on the independent innovation, made continuous breakthroughs, and created a brilliant record in the China bus industry development history. Rooting in the development course of China independent bus brand and the development of independent technologies, leading the innovations of China bus technologies, creating the record of China bus globalization operation, and outputting the China passenger transportation system solutions are the King Long’s 30-year epitomes and also the manifestations of China bus progress history.

Implementing the independent brand course is the 30-year persistence of King Long and is also the reason for King Long to win the favor of countrymen and gain the reputation of “National Bus”. Not satisfied with the current situation, King Long promoted the independent brand to the world, even the developed markets, with extraordinary courage. The first export order to Middle East, the China first EU market entry license, and the first exhibition at Busworld Kortrijk... King Long became the industry precedent one by one to present the China bus to a broader world. King Long also offered passenger transportation system solutions to the world while outputting the products. During this course, King Long continuously absorbed and merged the world’s advanced bus manufacturing concepts and technologies and launched the continuous investments into the breakthroughs and R&D of independent innovation technologies to continuously promote the core competitiveness of independent brand and boost the overall promotion of China bus manufacturing level.

Nowadays, China has become a great bus manufacturing country and the China independent brand buses have become popular around the world to deeply merge into the world’s public transportation systems. King Long’s herringbone logo has become an outstanding representative of China buses in the minds of world’s people.

Future-oriented and accelerated progress

China bus industry has changed remarkably throughout 30 years. As a witness and participant, King Long feels honored with the China bus industry. Facing towards the future, King Long also feels great responsibilities. King Long deems that the future public transportation system should incorporate three features, namely “Diversification”, “Zero-emission”, and “Interconnection essence”. Therefore, facing towards the public transportation of new era, King Long will make unremitting efforts in the supply of better mobility, in energy-saving and environmental-friendly field, and in the intelligent mobility exploration field.

The member of Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Transportation Li Jianbo visits King Long exhibition booth and experiences Apolong

Facing towards the diversified traveling needs, King Long will play it advantages of complete product lineup and abundant bus operation experiences to release the “Optimal Mobility” solutions meeting the demands of all market segments. “Optimal Mobility” means the better mobility, which is not only the upgrade of product solutions, but also the innovation of marketing mode. King Long believes that the diversified future public transportation will be surely the better public transportation.

“Zero-emission” is the threshold for the future public transportation. Based on the nature of public transportation, the bus will still be the pioneering strength in the energy-saving and environmental-friendly field. With 20-year new energy bus R&D experiences, King Long will continue to develop the new energy field to realize the harmony with the nature. At present, the ECO-Chip, the King Long’s new energy management technology, has developed from hybrid version to pure-electric version, of which the pure-electric airport shuttle bus has been launched and the hydrogen fuel cell bus has obtained the production license.

The future transportation tools will be the intelligent mobile terminals for interaction among roads, vehicles, and passengers and the “Interconnection” will be the essence of the public transportation. In recent years, King Long has taken the lead for the extensive layout and proactive exploration in the fields of intelligence, networking, electrification, and sharing of buses and has achieved outstanding results. On this basis, King Long will, under the guidance of spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, stay true to the original mission, keep the task in mind, seize the great opportunities of new round of technologic and industrial revolution, drive the transformation and upgrade of “Intelligently Manufactured in China”, and boost the realization of the “Corner Overtaking” of the China’s automotive industry.

Brilliant appearance of “Longwin Apolong " combination

At this exhibition, the brilliant appearance of Longwin II VC and the autonomous driving bus Apolong , built in response to the future public transportation, is exactly the best manifestation of the “Future Road and Acceleration” theme for this exhibition.

Longwin II VC redefines the high-end flagship for prominent value measure.

Longwin II launched in last May is King Long’s flagship product rooted in globalization vision and built for future to represent for the China’s high-end bus manufacturing industry. As a classic product for the congratulation of King Long’s 30th anniversary, the all-new Longwin II VC was revealed at this exhibition. Longwin II on exhibition this time is equipped with the King Long’s latest Variable Costs (VC) lifecycle value management system to save RMB >150,000 operation cost for the customer within 6-year 600,000km lifecycle by means of the comprehensive control focused on the operation cost, maintenance cost, and intelligent operation management. VC lifecycle value management system enables Longwin II to truly become a high-end flagship product redefining the prominent value measure.

At the first assessment result press conference of China Safety Coach Assessment Program (C-SCAP) held by the China Bus Safety Assessment Management Center on the opening day, King Long’s Longwin II won the title of “China Super Five-Star Safety Bus” with the brilliant performance of industry’s highest score, successfully establishing the new safety benchmarking for China's high-end buses. At the “Selection of Road Transportation Cup” held at the opening evening, Longwin II again won the award of “2018 Best Road Bus Award”. At this grand ceremony, Longwin II once again presented comprehensively the king style of the high-end road bus.

China’s first commercial autonomous driving bus - King Long Apolong

The King Long Apolong, the autonomous driving bus with futuristic appearance and functions, will realize mass production in July, becoming the China’s first mass production autonomous driving vehicle and laying a new milestone for China’s automotive industry. King Long Apolong will take the lead to realize the commercialization of China’s autonomous driving vehicle in response to the enclosed scenes, including scenic areas, parks, and airports, and boost the autonomous driving vehicle to truly serve the public transportation life. Meanwhile, the new artificial intelligence technology represented by King Long Apolong will inject new energy into the China’s automotive industry and boost the China’s automotive industry to create the “Chinese Speed”.

Zhou Fangming said: “30-year is only a start point for King Long. In the future, King Long will stay true to the original mission, undertake the pioneering courage and independent innovation persistence, and accelerate towards the future!” Standing in the new start point, King Long will boost the continuous progress of China bus industry with innovation acceleration, meet the future diversified needs with considerate acceleration, and enable the China independent brand buses with responsible acceleration to stand in the world’s stage in a more confident and stronger posture.

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