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King Long Marches into Israeli Market

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King Long Marches into Israeli Market

Jun 28 , 2022

On May 8, 2013, promoted and witnessed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, King Long officially concluded a strategic agreement on distribution cooperation with Colmobil Corporation in Beijing. King Long and Colmobil reached a consensus on cooperating in developing the Israeli market and its neighboring markets.

At the signing ceremony, Netanyahu expressed his concern about China-Israel economic and trade cooperation, welcoming more Chinese coach products to Israel with the continuous deepening of China-Israel cooperation. King Long’s Chairman Mr. Gu Tao said the cooperation is just the first step of China-Israel strategic alliance, King Long will continue refining customers' demands to provide more environment-friendly, cost-effective and outstanding coaches to Israel and more comfortable and convenient transport service to locals, thus making King Long a bridge of trade and friendship linking China and Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R2) witnessed the cooperation of King Long and Colmobil

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