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King Long Intelligent Vehicle Terminal Solution won the second place in the China Industrial Internet Contest

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King Long Intelligent Vehicle Terminal Solution won the second place in the China Industrial Internet Contest

Jan 09 , 2024

Recently, the fifth China Industrial Internet Contest came to an end in Ningbo. Xiamen King Long's intelligent vehicle terminal solution won the second place among the 1024 participating schemes nationalwide in the "Leading Group". This is also the only project from Fujian that has entered the top 100 among the "leading group" in this contest.


Themed "Digital Enabling and Intelligent Future", the contest has attracted widespread attention from industrial Internet enterprises since its launch in September, attracting 2,043 industrial Internet solution teams to participate. As one of the highest-level industrial Internet events in China, the China Industrial Internet Contest has driven the communication and competition of more than 8,000 enterprises and 25,000 engineers in 31 provinces and municipalities over the past five years. It has been promoted and applied in more than 40 major national economic industries such as steel, automobile and electronics, and has become an important carrier to test the innovation level of national industrial Internet.


The King Long intelligent vehicle terminal that won the award in this competition is a key component for vehicles to obtain and send information. By installing an intelligent vehicle terminal, vehicles can help achieve real-time information interaction between vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and people, and vehicles and clouds, providing safe and efficient information services for vehicles.

At present, King Long's intelligent vehicle terminal has achieved large-scale production and application, and completed multiple rounds of performance tests on reliability, stability, and safety. Its performance indicators are ahead of the industry level. It can carry a variety of functional application scenarios such as collision warning, blind spot/lane change reminder, road danger warning, road event reminder, speed guidance, red light warning, perception sharing, collaborative lane change, etc., providing vehicle-road collaboration application support for assisted driving and advanced autonomous driving. Combined with intelligent platforms, real-time planning of vehicle speed through cloud control platforms; combined with traffic light collaborative control, achieving precise arrival of intelligent connected vehicles; combined with vehicle-road-cloud-map-network. From the perspective of God, monitor and command the urban transportation system to improve the quality of public transportation services.


Intelligentization and connectivity of automobiles are inevitable development trends. As a leading enterprise in the industry, King Long has been actively entering the intelligent industry transformation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and advancing the research and development of products such as intelligent terminals and intelligent operating systems for vehicles. In the future, it will continue to focus on tackling key technologies and collaborate to promote the high-quality development of intelligent transportation.

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