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King Long "Intelligent School Buses" to drive in Guangdong

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King Long "Intelligent School Buses" to drive in Guangdong

Jun 28 , 2022
Recently, 10 units of King Long "Intelligent School Buses" were put into production and they will delivery to one school in Guangdong Province in the late May.

From King Long Guangdong Marketing Manager Jia Dacheng, he said, the delivery of the XMQ6802ASD3 "Intelligent School Bus" is designed for the middle and primary schools in the cities. The professional school bus is 8 meters long, which could carry 50 students.

King Long Bus strictly the new national security vehicle technology standard production to design and meet the national standard. The school bus also carries 3 H high intensity body frame, front and rear anticollision beam. A series of independent original passive safety technology are also put into the buses which are TOPVIEW, lane departure warning, the automatic broken window machine, the automatic fire extinguishing devices and so on. At the same time the vehicle is equipped with " Intelligent School Bus Operation Management System", which can doing the intelligent monitoring of the school buses' activities to ensure the school bus safety operation.

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