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King Long Bus wins "Fujian famous brand product"

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King Long Bus wins "Fujian famous brand product"

Jun 28 , 2022

In April, "2011 Fujian Famous Brand Products" awards conference was held in Fuzhou. There are 555 items were awarded as a "Fujian Famous Brand Products" title by Fujian government, among which, fifty-one product lists belonged to Xiamen City. For King Long Bus, it is the third time that King Long Bus has received the awards of "Fujian Famous Brand Products" since 2006.

King Long Bus won Fujian Famous Brand Products

King Long Bus won Fujian Famous Brand Products

Fujian famous brand products are designed to evaluate and recognize the quality of products, those with strong market competitiveness, popularity and the user satisfaction. The valid is for three years. The selection of the product brands is recommended by the city. And through the main economic index showing in the public, the social satisfaction assessment, the product quality supervision and check etc. series of examination work procedures and comprehensive evaluation to select the final winners.

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