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King Long Develops Intelligent System for School Buses

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King Long Develops Intelligent System for School Buses

Jun 28 , 2022
Speaking of school bus, we used to focus on the bus itself, while the bus drivers and fuel consumptions should also be what we concern about nowadays.

King Long develops the intelligent school bus management system, including operation management, safety supervision and accident handling. Especially, it will record the driving data and all the information, such as turning light, accelerator, clutch, brake, over-speed, fatigue driving and unlawful parking etc, through the bus terminal and administrator backstage to make data sheet.

The administrator may teach the drivers to correct the wrong behaviors according to the data sheet, after which the drivers could form a good habit to assure the safety of the children and reduce fuel consumption.

King Long intelligent school bus management system turns out to be effective in the operation of school buses and Hangzhou Ningning Automobile Rental Company, as the beneficiary, regards the system as its good helper to assure the safety and reduce fuel consumption.

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