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King Long starts up new production base in Shaoxing for medium buses

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King Long starts up new production base in Shaoxing for medium buses

Jun 28 , 2022
The new production line for the King Long medium buses is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province Baoye Industry Park, which is adjacent to King Long Shaoxing manufacturing base. The workshop area is 18,000 square meters, which is designed and specialized in the production of the King Long six to seven meters long "Big Nose" school buses. The mainly produced buses are the XMQ6606NA3 and XMQ6706NE3 two small tyes of school buses; XMQ6608, XMQ6660NE3 and XMQ6728NE3 three types of intercity buses, which are driving in urban and rural areas; XMQ6728 and XMQ6668 two types of city buses, and XMQ6660XC school bus. There are eight models different buses. The capacity of the production base plans to be 3,000 units/year and the annual output is expected to up to 700 million yuan.

King Long XMQ6706NE3

King Long XMQ6706NE3

So, why does King Long Bus choose Shaoxing as its production base to produce the medium buses? " As early as in 1999, from tourist transportation market, King Long Bus accessed to the bus market and established manufacturing base in Shaoxing, which was specialized in manufacturing the high-grade buses." General Manager of King Long branch Wei Ji said. For many years' development and under the local government supporting, the annual production capacity of it could reach 5,000 units, which made a great contribution to the company consolidate competitive position. "In addition, the auto parts and the logistics industry in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area are very developed. In view of this, in order to expand the market, it is one very key series of steps to put the production of 6 ~ 8 meters long buses in Shaoxing."

King Long xmq6660xc
King Long XMQ6660XC School Bus

In recent years, the two or three line cities' demands on the buses & coaches become a domestic coach market growth key factor. It is important to increase two or three line cities' market development. In the past, King Long Bus was focus on the first line cities or provinces buses & coaches demands in domestic market. Now, King Long Bus' vision is to be more open, and it will also put its efforts to meet the demands in two or three line cities and to open new markets, new business growth point. With mining high quality products, King Long is to satisfy the customer's needs in different segment markets.

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