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King Long Delivers 114 Ambulance Vehicle to Gansu

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King Long Delivers 114 Ambulance Vehicle to Gansu

Jun 28 , 2022
Lately, 114 units of King Long light duty ambulance vehicle was delivered to Gansu province, to be dispatched to township health clinics across the province. This is the second batch of purchasing made by Gansu Health Department after the first one of 140 units in December, 2009.

In order to promote the service of township health clinics and to provide more convenient health service to rural residents, satisfy the needs for medical care, Gansu Health Department initiated public tender of ambulance vehicles in 2012. King Long, depending on the excellent design, reliable quality and good service, won the tender of 114 vehicles.

Gansu is located at the crossing point of the three plateaus, namely the Loess, the Qinghai-Tibet and the Inner Mongolia. The territory is diversified in terrains with mountains stretching and crossing. Also, elevations differ greatly. The province contains mountainous, basin, plain, desert, gobi and more terrains. Since the environment is complicated, bus is needed to be having good performance, so they can function well.

The 114 units of ambulance vehicle are developed according to the needs of Gansu Health Department, featuring moderate body, strong structure, reliable quality and convenient to operate. The vehicle body employs the load-bearing cage structure. Besides the stylish 2013 version of front face, advanced panel, ABS EBD, the bus is also equipped with ultraviolet sterilamp, interphone, electric suction apparatus, inverter, siren, aluminium alloy automatic boarding stretcher, central oxygen system and many more advanced first-aid and communication equipment, which could fully meet the demands of township health clinics.

Since entering the market of light duty bus in 2008, King Long has been committed to manufacturing efficient, safe ambulance vehicles and other SPV. Through years of application, optimization and modification, King Long light duty ambulance vehicle is now a widely trusted star product among customers from many provinces, and was granted big orders for a number of times. Since 2009, a series of orders were granted from Jiangxi, Gnasu, Sichuan, Fujian, Hunan and other provinces. To date, more than 5000 vehicles have been sold home and abroad.

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