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King Long Bus Makes the First Special CNG Bus Route in Fujian

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King Long Bus Makes the First Special CNG Bus Route in Fujian

Jun 28 , 2022

In the afternoon of December 1st 2010, ten King Long XMQ6105G CNG (compressed natural gas) buses were operated in No.907 bus route. This is the first time to launch natural gas buses outside Xiamen Island and also the first clean energy city buses operated by the county-level transport company in Fujian province.

King Long CNG buses

These buses are produced by King Long Bus and the newest CNG model with 32 seats and rated passenger capacity of 72 people. Compared with the conventional diesel city bus, the natural gas city bus can reduce the emission of 90% carbon monoxide, 90% sulfur dioxide, 72% hydrocarbon, 39% oxycarbide, 24% carbon dioxide and no dust. In fuel cost, about 30 Yuan can be saved for each hundred kilometers, reflected by the principal of the transport company. Since the launching of ten buses, No. 907 is regarded as the first special CNG bus route outside the island.

It is known that since the first formal operation of 50 natural gas city buses in Xiamen on 8 August 2010, the transport company has started to operate natural gas city buses on some routes respectively. As of 1st December, there have been 194 such buses running in the whole city. It is planned that there will be 300 units by the end of this month, according to the principal of Jimei Transport Company.

More and more King Long CNG city buses in Xiamen

It is revealed that there will be about 300 old city buses to be replaced in Xiamen each year and 300 new natural gas buses will be used. It strives for about 1500 gas city buses, accounting for 50% of the total within 3 to 5 years.

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