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King Long Light Buses Roll off the Production Line in Burma

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King Long Light Buses Roll off the Production Line in Burma

Jun 28 , 2022

On 14 November, the first King Long Hiase light bus formally rolled off the production line in Burma with the technology offered by King Long Bus.

Production line of King Long light buses

Since July 2009, King Long Bus has started to make business negotiation with the related departments in Burma about the production line of light buses. They finally made decision that the production line is based on the technical support from King Long Bus and investment from Burma. The project refers to the total investment of 14 million USD, annual capacity of 5000 units, wielding, painting and assembly workshops. King Long Bus offers technical support in design, station layout, production and assembly, which marks the step of King Long Bus from product output to technology output.

Gifts Transfer between Xie Weiguo, the Manager of Overseas Sales Department of King Long Bus and Partner in Burma

Visitors Visit the Production Line

Through three year's business opening in the overseas market, King Long Bus has got many overseas markets with steady exporting achievements of light buses, more than 4000 units in 2010, ranking No.2 in the China bus industry. With the building-up of the production line in Burma, King Long Bus has owned two production lines in Southeast Asia, making active impact on its overseas business opening. 

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