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King Long Bus Gets the Prize of

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King Long Bus Gets the Prize of

Jun 28 , 2022

On 29 December2010£¬King Long Bus won the award of "Excellent Electric Vehicle Builder 2010" on the forum for the China electric vehicle industry with ten years¡¯ effort on the research & development of new energy buses.

King Long Bus Wins "Excellent Electric Vehicle Builder 2010"

As one of the pioneers of domestic new energy automobiles, King Long Bus is always dedicated to the development of new energy buses. In 2001, it has successfully developed XMQ6120G hybrid power city buses with Xiangtan Mechanical and Electrical Company.

Chen Xiaobing (the first on the left) from Technology Management Dept. of King Long Bus accepts the award

As for new energy buses, King Long Bus also made good performance. In 2005, 5 King Long hybrid power city buses were operated in Changsha; 15 hybrid power city buses ran on the special routes for the Olympic Games in Beijing with the fuel-efficiency ratio of over 20%; In the beginning of 2009, 30 hybrid power buses developed by King Long Bus and Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Company were delivered in Wuhan; 20 hybrid power buses were purchased by Beijing Public Transport Company in 2009; King Long XMQ6127AGH43 and XMQ6106GH33 hybrid power buses were applied in Xiamen for test operation and will be used in mass production in 2011. In addition, King Long electric buses have been operated in Shanghai for test operation currently.

Also, King Long hybrid power city buses formally launched the market in Singapore in November 2009, which means the first hybrid power buses with self-owned brand have been exported overseas. At present, the operation of these buses is good and the fuel-efficiency ratio reaches 18%-20%.

According to Dr. Chen Xiaobing, King Long Bus focuses on the development of key technologies and auto parts of new energy buses in recent years, in particular, control system as well as battery management system. In the meantime, it actively cooperated with the related producers to develop the technologies of motor, battery and instruments to make the industrial chain of new energy vehicle industry together with the proprietary intellectual property rights.

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