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Great Achievements of King Long Bus for Domestic & Overseas Market in 2010

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Great Achievements of King Long Bus for Domestic & Overseas Market in 2010

Jun 28 , 2022

The year-on-year production & sales growth is 33% for China bus builders in Jan.-Nov.2010. As the China leading bus builder, King Long Bus gets the sales volume of more than 20,000 units. It is predicted that the sales volume will grow over 50% and the sales amount grow over 25% in the whole 2010 than 2009.

King Long XMQ6128Y for the Asian Games

Marketing Strategy Reform

At the beginning of 2010, King Long Bus reformed the marketing system on account of the market change: it increased the direct sales personnel, sets up technical support and financing team for sales and establishes strategic account department to develop and consolidate partnership with customers. Centering on customers, King Long Bus builds up the marketing platform referring to products introduction, development, technical support, financing, client management and after-sales.

According to customers' requirements, King Long Bus develops new products such as intercity bus XMQ6120C and one and a half deck bus XMQ6129Y8 in 2010 and both models are with large passenger capacity and good sales achievements. In addition, it launched new models in clean energy buses and light buses. In Beijing, it won the tender of Beijing Public Transport Group (348 units) with XMQ6120C. In Shanghai and Guangzhou, it won the order for the World Expo and the Asian Games (about 2000 units). In Guangdong, it got the sales amount of more than 600 million Yuan.

King Long XMQ6127J

Making New Development for Overseas Sales

As of the end of 2010, the products of King Long Bus have exported to more than 89 countries and regions and covered five continents apart from North America. The overseas sales exceeds 1.2 billion Yuan RMB. Based on the geographical location as well as clients¡¯ characteristics, King Long Bus classified seven global markets and set up different products and marketing strategies. By far, it has fostered the markets in a dozen of counties such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Iran, Chile, Egypt, South Africa, Italy and Britain.

In 2010, King Long Bus cooperated with ARRIVA, the European top transport group and got the order of 200 units from Malta. As of 2010, it has exported buses to more than 10 member counties of European Union such as Malta, Germany, France, Italy and Britain and is still the only China bus builder that exported buses to Western Europe countries in mass production till now.

In 2003, King Long Bus has built up CKD plants with the local automobile companies in India and Vietnam. In 2009, it undertook the China-aid project and established an assembly plant in Senegal. The purchasing contract for 673 city buses has been made in December 2010. In October, it signed the cooperative intention with one Italian bus builder to develop unitarybody buses for the European market. It owns two production lines for light buses in Malaysia and Burma.

Light buses for the World Cup

Light Buses, the New Growth Point

According to data, the sales volume of King Long light buses exceeds 9300 units, year-on-year growth of over 130%, including 5000 units having been exported (year-on-year growth of 226%). It ranks No.2 in the China bus industry for its exporting achievements. In the domestic market, it promote special vehicles such as vans, passenger transport buses among villages, ambulances, police cars, mail carriages, fire personnel carriers. In this March, almost 300 King Long light buses were delivered to hospitals and health centers in Sichuan and Gansu. In July-Oct., 100 ambulances were delivered in Fujian. In recent tow years, the order for King Long ambulances refers to more than 1500 units. In the meantime, it launched new light buses in this June.

With the brand channel and customer resources of large and medium buses, King Long Bus developed the overseas market quite fast. In the first half of 2010, it seized the opportunity due to the World Cup in South Africa and actively opened the local market. As of the end of this year, there are more than 2000 units exporting there. In addition, King Long Bus fostered the markets in 5 or 6 counties and regions such as Western Africa, Southeast Asia and South American and formed the production lines in Malaysia and Burma, selling products through the means of SKD and CKD.

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